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DASL EMIS Calendar Exceptions

During the School Year Initialization process buildings will put their non-attending days from the district calendar into the calendar wizard in DASL. During SYI there are no EMIS exceptions put on the non-attending days.  Due to new changes in EMIS we will hold a new training based on how to bulk assign these EMIS exceptions for your entire district. Please note: ALL buildings in your district must be initialized to attend. 

DASL Batch Scheduler

The batch scheduler is the application inside of DASL that will schedule your students based on their course requests. This training will help set up job parameters to ensure the highest percentage of scheduled students for your district. 

DASL House Bill 410

This session will cover how to use the DASL Software to read the HB410 reports, enter data on the new absence intervention screens and report the data to EMIS.