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DASL Admin Roundtable

The DASL Administrative Roundtable is a meeting to discuss all current and outstanding defects, upcoming releases and updates to the package, and discuss future DASL trainings. There is also opportunity for districts to share ideas or have open discussions on any student service package.



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September Roundtables

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Beginner Ad Hoc Report Training

 In the Ad-Hoc Report Builder module of DASL you can run already created custom reports or use the tool to create your own custom reports. This is a great opportunity to save those EZ Query reports you run on a daily basis, or create extracts for the vendors your school district works with.

DASL Overview for new Administrators

This training is designed for new Superintendents, Principals, Guidance Counselors and other district administrators to learn more about the DASL software and how you can use it for your building and/or district.