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DASL Elementary Scheduling

Will go over the elementary scheduling process that includes: Course and course section setup, Course groups, homeroom bulk assign, and bulk course group assignment by homeroom.

DASL EMIS Calendar Exceptions

During the School Year Initialization process buildings will put their non-attending days from the district calendar into the calendar wizard in DASL. During SYI there are no EMIS exceptions put on the non-attending days.  Due to new changes in EMIS we will hold a new training based on how to bulk assign these EMIS exceptions for your entire district. Please note: ALL buildings in your district must be initialized to attend. 

DASL SYI for 19/20

School Year Initialization is the process to copy up your information is DASL from the current year to the upcoming school year. This is done at building level and can be complete at different times for each building in the district. At the end of the training you will have the opportunity to promote your students from the current year to then enroll them in the upcoming year. This entire SYI/Promotion/Bulk Enrollment process must be complete to start scheduling in the upcoming year.