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Using WorkFlows Reports for PR

Learn how to use Workflows reports and online tools to create a statistical and narrative PR report to share with your administrators.

Workflows Basic Cataloging and Reports

Training will cover adding copies and call numbers, using SmartPort to import MARC records, adding Brief Titles, User and Item Labels, Shelflists, Overdues and Notices.

WorkFlows Update and Refresher

This training will be a refresher on existing circulation functions, holds, sets, lost and missing items, and Workflows updates for any interested library staff member. The session will be primarily attendee led, so bring your questions!

Making in the Language Arts Classroom

Makerspace/STEAM activities are traditionally associated with science and math classrooms. Learn tips for integrating making into your Language Arts classroom to enable students to demonstate understanding in new ways and move from consumption to creation. Course will cover free and inexpensive makerspace materials, basic theories of makerspaces, and beginning activities/lesson plans. There will be a hands-on component.

Makerspace On A Budget

Want to join the makerspace movement, but don't have a huge budget for pricey equipment? Learn how to solicit donations, gather items from within your building and get your students making. Course will cover free and inexpensive makerspace materials, basic theories of makerspaces, and beginning activities/lesson plans. There will be a hands-on component.

INFOhio for College and Career Readiness

Starting with PreK and advancing all the way through grade 12, INFOhio provides resources to help students successfully navigate the path to college and career readiness. Explore the resources for all grades and learn strategies to use these free resources to prepare students for their future. Class includes both formal instruction and a hands-on component.

Online Tools for Differentiation

Need some new ideas for your differentiation bag?  Test out a variety of online tools to aid students with reading delays, vision problems, handwriting issues and more. Whether you are a classroom teacher, special ed pro, occupational therapist or aide, you’ll find plenty of new tools to help reduce your students’ barriers to learning. Course consists of both formal instruction and hands on learning portions.

INFOhio Resources for the Elementary Teacher

Move beyond the basics of Bookflix to delve into the other free INFOhio resources for elementary students.  From World Book Kids to Book Nook to Early World of Learning, experience the quality search results, explore the unending teacher resources and imagine how many new ways your students can enjoy learning. Includes an overview of the resources and included teacher tools as well as a hands-on component to explore.

Creating and Editing Student Made Videos

With phones, tablets and laptops having high quality cameras built in, it’s never been easier for students to create videos.  The more challenging part is finding an inexpensive solution to edit and produce the videos.  In this session we will review and try several video editing apps and programs for chromebook, PC, Mac and mobile devices.

INFOhio Resources for Science and Math

Have you had difficulty finding quality, authoritative online resources for your Science and Math classes?  INFOhio has got you covered.  From interactive online science fair projects, to math games, to biographies of notable scientists and mathematicians INFOhio is your one-stop-shop for high quality electronic resources.  This session will provide an overview of the wealth of free Science and Math resources available from INFOhio for Middle and High School Students and how to add them to your Google classroom.