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Library- Advanced Cataloging

If you have taken Basic Cataloging or have a solid knowledge of MARC records and want to learn more, sign up for Advanced Cataloging. Topics covered include cataloging from templates, modifying MARC records and cataloging equipment. Bring your cataloging challenges and questions! Class is 8:30-11:30 and hands on open lab is 12:30-3:30.

Library Database Clean-up Part II

If your students are tired of seeing twenty listings for the same title in your online catalog and your volunteers ask what a XX call number means, join us to clean up your bibliographic records. Combine items with the same bibliographic record, enhance records and more. Previous attendance at Database Clean-up I is preferred, but not required. Class is 8:30-11:30 and hands on open lab is 12:30-3:30.

Using WorkFlows Reports for PR

If you’d like to stun your principal with your year-end library report or advocate for your program, this course focusing on using Workflows Reports and online tools to create a PR piece is just what you need. Learn which reports will highlight your statistics, what data should and should not be included and discuss the benefits of the electronic report. Class is 8:30-11:30 and hands on open lab is 12:30-3:30.

Basic Reports

Do you cringe when it’s time to run a report? From overdue notices to barcode labels, learn the basics of Workflows reports in this three hour class. Practice creating templates, customizing and scheduling reports and leave with a plan to use reports to manage your library.

Basic Cataloging

Has it been a while since that grad school cataloging class, or are your book fair purchases still not on the shelves? This hands-on introduction to cataloging course will cover the recommended Workflows cataloging process, including adding copies, adding call numbers, using SmartPort to find MARC records, and adding brief titles. 

WorkFlows Update and Refresher

Whether you are a seasoned Workflows pro or a new user, this attendee question led session will provide a variety of tools and tricks for library software use. Topics covered will include the most recent Workflows updates and changes, common problems and their solutions, and everyone’s favorite- reports. Bring your questions and challenges!

Database Clean-up Part I

Audience: librarians/media specialists with a desire to identify and clean-up transactions, bib records, and patron issues

Content: Workshop includes item maintenance strategies and shortcuts for keeping your library database current.  Patron maintenance strategies area also included.

Advanced Cataloging

Audience: librarians/media specialists with a knowledge of MARC records and/or have taken Basic Cataloging

    Content: cataloging from INFOhio templates, equipment, modifying MARC records and transferring items

    Please bring materials to work on during the open lab portion (12:30-3:30)

Advanced Reports

      Audience: any library staff that generates reports to help manage the library/media center

      Content: create templates, customize reports and learn how to use reports to help manage your library

WorkFlows Update and Refresher

Audience: any library staff members that has questions and/or needs a refresher

Content: Review of Sets, holds, lost, missing and any questions from the attendees