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Workflows Inventory

Audience: Any library staff that will help conduct inventory

Content: Preparing for and setting up inventory, conducting inventory, and generating the necessary reports

Workflows Advanced Cataloging

Audience: Library staff with a knowledge of MARC records and/or who have taken Basic Cataloging

Content: Cataloging from INFOhio templates, cataloging equipment, modifying MARC records, and transferring items

Workflows Database Clean-Up, Part II

Audience: Library staff with a desire to clean-up bib records

Content: Item maintenance strategies and shortcuts for keeping your library database current

Using Workflows Reports for PR

Audience: Any library staff who want to generate PR reports for principals/superintendents

Content: Using Workflows reports and other online tools to create a statistical and narrative PR report

Workflows Basic Cataloging & Reports

Audience: Any library staff member that does cataloging

Content: Adding additional copies, adding call numbers, using SmartPort to import MARC records, adding Brief Titles, creating report templates, customizing reports, and learning how to use reports to manage your library

Workflows- Update and Refresher

Audience: Any library staff member that has questions and/or needs a refresher.

Content: A refresher on existing circulation functions, holds, sets, marking items lost/missing, and any questions from attendees.

Oh The Places You Can Go With Green Screen Editing

With a little imagination and some help from a green cloth and video editing software, your students can appear to be in anywhere in the world.  Green screen editing allows you to film a subject in front of a green background and then use software to replace the background with an image or video of your choice. In this session we'll cover the green screen video editing process, try out a couple of video editing programs/applications, and offer some suggestions for integrating green screening into the curriculum.

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Creating and Editing Student Made Videos

With phones, tablets and laptops having high quality cameras built in, it’s never been easier for students to create videos.  The more challenging part is finding an inexpensive/free solution to edit and produce the videos.  In this session we will review and try several video editing apps and programs for chromebook, PC, Mac and mobile devices.

Using Recycled Books in the Makerspace

Don't let those weeded library books go to waste- learn a variety of ways to use books in the makerspace! From folded pages art to holiday ornaments to lamps and furniture, explore the many creative ways to help those outdated books find new lives. Please bring two books with you to recycle!

Makerspace Open Lab

Come by yourself or bring your whole team... Drop in for a half hour, or stay all afternoon. Join us after school in the NEOnet Makerspace to experiment with tools from blocks and markers to 3D printers and robots. Tinker and explore while you plan how to use the making concept in your school!