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USAS CYE Meeting

The USAS CYE Meeting will be used to discuss the closing processes and changes made by SSDT. The agenda will be set closer to the meeting date.

To join webex, click here.

Meeting number (access code): 730 533 886      

Meeting password:        4JPmv2yu

USAS Roundtable

This meeting is for USAS users. We will use this time to discuss any issues you maybe experiencing as well as cover some topics we feel need further clarification. The agenda will be set closer to the meetings date 

USAS & USPS Roundtable/Professional Development

Tina Dinklocker will be presenting on "How to play on a winning team".

To join the webex, click here.

Meeting number (access code): 736 410 067      

Meeting password:        5ctgWPWD




eFinancePLUS - Calendars/Schedules/Salary Notices

This training session will cover fiscal year-end updates to employee payroll information, which will include the following:

  1. Calendars
  2. Salary Schedules
  3. Instructions on Posting Salary Notices

WebEx Information:

eFinancePLUS - eFP Calendars/Schedules/Salary Notices
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
9:00 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)  |  3 hrs
Meeting number (access code): 850 817 329
Meeting password: jUpVD5nF

EAC Administrator Setup

This training is for eFP Districts wanting to setup the Employee Access Center (EAC). We will walk through the Administrator options. Those that should attend should be already setup as the Administrator for EAC.

eFinancePLUS 5.2 Training

Training will be focused on the new features included in the release of eFinancePLUS 5.2. Topics are as follows:

Catastrophic Cost Reimbursement training

This session will be presented by Leanne Sidley, Ohio Department of Education Area Coordinator, Region 8

Cyber Liability Insurance - AJ Gallagher

A representative from AJ Gallagher will give a presentation on Cyber Liability Insurance.

Fiscal Open Lab

The Fiscal Open Lab is for State Software and eFP users. Please include in the comments the topic you would like to cover and the approximate time you will be arriving. This will ensure we have the proper staff available to assist you.

eFP Requisition Training (Refresher)

 This training is for users of eFinancePLUS.  The training session will teach users to add a requisition into eFinancePLUS.  Users will also be shown how to copy requisitions, add attachments and the approval/workflow process, if applicable.