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EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting CTE Reports & SSIDs


CTE Topics

  • Accessing and Formatting Level 2 CTE Reports
  • Understanding the CTE FTE Detail Report
  • Connecting the CTE FTE Detail Report and the CTE Error Detail Reports
  • Troubleshooting the CTE Error Detail Reports
  • Understanding the CTE Summary Reports
  • Requesting CTE Overrides
  • Introducing New CTE Reports

SSID Topics

FY18 Student & FY18 Graduate EMIS Checklists

******Immediately following the DASL Roundtable******


This workshop will cover the FY18 Period S Reporting Checklist and the FY18 Period G Checklist.   During this session, we will be using a hands on approach for the tasks in the checklists including the Ad Hoc Reports.   

Please feel free to bring your laptop to work through your districts data.  

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