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ODE/ITC August EMIS Training

Topcs may include:

  • Graduation
  • Retention
  • Secure Data Center
  • Appeals
  • FY19 Kickoff
  • Gen Issues Reports
  • Assessments
  • Preschool

This session will also be available via WebEx.



EMIS Connections Final Staff/Course (L) Open Lab

Final Staff/Course Collection Topics:

  • Focus on the reporting requirements
  • Processes for the Final Staff/Course reporting window
  • Flat File Editor basics

This lab is in conjunction with the Student Services Open Lab.

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting WKC & Graduation Reports Workshop

Troubleshooting Where Kids Count Report

Focus will be on troubleshooting the WKC report to resolve data reporting issues and verify data for accuracy and completeness.

Topics include:

  • Where Kids Count (WKC) Process

  • Majority of Attendance (MOA) IRNs

  • Student Attending Situations

  • Data Collector WKC Report

  • WKC Result Codes and IRNs


Troubleshooting Graduation Reports

ODE/ITC EMIS May Training

Kelli Rinehart from ODE will be at NEOnet for a face-to-face EMIS training.


  • Closing FY18
    • Assessments
    • Staff
    • Graduation
    • One Last Look
    • Appeals
    • New Grad History
    • Reminders
  • FY19 Prep
    • Retentions
    • FY19 Data Changes


WebEx Connection Details:


Meeting Number (access code): 851 844 642