Educational Technology - What is holding you back?

Wednesday, March 29th 2017

What is holding you back from leveraging the educational technology movement? In this post, we will look at some of the top reasons why schools do not want to jump on the tech train and introduce the latest and greatest educational technology trends currently sweeping through the ecosystem of education. First, we must look at what educational technology actually is. Educational Technology is the use of technology in the classroom to better student progress and learning. Most classrooms have some form of technology in their space. Things like SMART boards, Chromebooks, TV’s, iPads, projectors, laptops, graphing calculators, and other technologies are often found in our classrooms. Below we will look at some of the most common things that stop us from really utilizing educational technology.

  1. Price:

This might be one of the biggest reasons why schools do not engage more in the educational technology movement. Technology usually requires a lot of front end planning and finances. In addition, while many districts will use a BYOD program, this is not always ideal because the technology can be different and the teacher’s resources may not work great with that student’s device. BYOD programs are great at giving all students access to the internet. To engage in the technology integration movement, start looking at ways to repurpose old technology. Use that old laptop as a center that allows students to engage in some interesting programs that you downloaded. Getting students to use expensive technology is not the goal, teaching them how to think through a situation with technology is.

  1. Professional Development:

Many teachers are simply undertrained with the technology that are expected to use. This is something that is hard for teachers to do in the midst of their busy schedule. Luckily, there are great websites out there to help teachers use some of their technology. But, that can be overwhelming as well. The best way to help yourself become more familiar with a technology is to use it without fear of breaking it. Your students will help you along the way or you can find a great teacher in your building to help you.

  1. Resisting:

Many teachers will be reluctant to use technology in their classroom even if you put the best tech and training into place. It is important to be an advocate for the technology in your building. Use the tech, talk about the tech, and show off student work with the tech to get others excited. It is important to lead by example and show the school that you are teaching in the technology serves a vital rule in the future of education.

  1. Difficulty getting the technology:

It can be hard to get technology in your classroom, even if you have the proper funds for it. If you receive technology through a grant, there is a lot of curriculum design that goes into making the technology fulfil that grants legislation. Make sure you communicate well with your district administration to make sure that you do not lose your grant!

  1. Infrastructure:

It is important to know that there is a lot of planning that goes into using technology in your classroom. Making sure that your schools WIFI can handle hundreds of devices on the network at the same time is a common thing that most teachers overlook. Again, talk to your technology administration before implementing technology. Not only will they help find the perfect way to implement, they will also make sure that they have the proper hardware in place to make sure that it goes off without a hitch.


These are just some of the reasons why educational technology might not be working well in your building. Talk to your teachers, staff, and administration to ensure that your staff and you are on the same page with technology integration. You can always reach out to the Technology Integration Department at NEOnet with any questions.