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EMIS/Sps Meeting

The meeting will show how the EMIS Extract/Import data from the Special Education forms and/or hand entered into the Student Information Special Education screens works with the EMIS Reporting.  This will include correcting Sps Extract errors, understanding Federal Child Count, When to report NIEPs, reporting Preschool to Kindergarten transition and EMIS Reporting.

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Special Services Meeting

The Special Services Meeting is for any staff in the district involved in the Special Education process and software.  This meeting reviews the software releases, form changes & functionality, EMIS Reporting and a forum to discuss issues.

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Sps New User Training

This training is for any new staff to learn how to Create New ETR, IEP, 504 Plans, Edit Forms, Manage Banks, Verify EMIS, Print, Complete, Amend Data, View IEP Summary, and Create Progress Reports.

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