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Calendar EMIS Exceptions

During the School Year Initialization process buildings will put their non-attending days from the district calendar into the calendar wizard in DASL. During SYI there are no EMIS exceptions put on the non-attending days. Due to new changes in EMIS we will hold a new training based on how to bulk assign these EMIS exceptions for your entire district. Please note: ALL buildings in your district must be initialized to attend.

ODE/ITC April EMIS Training

Kelli Rinehart from ODE will be at NEOnet for a face-to-face EMIS Training.

Topics to be discussed are:


  • FY18 End of Year Reminders
  • CTE Reports Update
  • Graduation (G) Collection
    • End of Year Reminders
    • Enhancements

This session will also be available via WebEx.

Finding the Connection between Gifted and EMIS Coordinators

Gifted in Ohio

  • Review what needs entered in EMIS
  • Gifted input points
  • How the changes in the new Gifted Operating Standard from July 2017 may affect what your district needs to report

We are fortunate to have this session lead by Julie Dudones - Gifted Coordinator at Cuyahoga Falls City Schools.


ODE/ITC EMIS MonthlyTraining

This session will be delivered via Skype from ODE. 

DASL House Bill 410

This session will cover how to use the DASL Software to read the HB410 reports, enter data on the new absence intervention screens and report the data to EMIS.

EMIS Connect - Assessment Collection Open Lab

Assessment Collection Open Lab

This Lab will cover the follwing collection:

EMIS Connect- Graduate Collection/Understanding Graduate Reports

Graduate Collection

The FY18 Graduation (G) reporting period captures data related to graduating students. This data will include diploma information and all data necessary to verify that the student has met CORE and testing graduation requirements. 

This training will incorporate the following items:

  • Graduate Checklist (G)
  • Level 1 and Level 2 Errors
  • Understanding/Troubleshooting Graduate Reports


This session will be hands on in the Training Lab so we are unable to provide it via WebEx.

EMIS Connect - Using the EMIS Wheel and Troubleshooting EMIS Reports

EMIS Wheel​ & The Data Collector

This training will cover the following items:

  • How to use the EMIS wheel  
  • How to keep yourself connected to the latest EMIS updates 
  • How to troubleshoot EMIS Reports from the Data Collector


This session will be hands on in the Training Lab so we are unable to provide it via WebEx.



EMIS Connect - Assessment Collection Overview

Assessment Collection Overview

This training will include the followng items:

EMIS Alliance - Troubleshooting FTE Reports

This session will focus on using Excel to Troubleshooting FTE Reports.   


Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  1. Locate and open the FTE reports from the Data Collector and then discuss each FTE Adjustment.

  2. Look at the FTE Detail Report and troubleshoot the data in the report for accuracy and completeness.

  3. Discuss the structure of the FTE Summary reports and suggest some best practices on their use.


This is a hands on workshop, so please bring your laptop.