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ODE/ITC August EMIS Training

Topcs include:

  • Secure Data Center
  • Retention
  • Graduation
  • Data Review & verification and Data Appeals
  • Current FY19 Collections
  • Gen Issues Reports
  • Assessments

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EMIS Connections Final Staff/Course (L) Open Lab

Final Staff/Course Collection Topics:

  • Focus on the reporting requirements
  • Processes for the Final Staff/Course reporting window
  • Flat File Editor basics

This lab is in conjunction with the Student Services Open Lab.


This session will be hands on in the Training Lab so we are unable to provide it via WebEx.

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting WKC & Graduation Reports Workshop

Troubleshooting Where Kids Count Report

Focus will be on troubleshooting the WKC report to resolve data reporting issues and verify data for accuracy and completeness.

Topics include:

  • Where Kids Count (WKC) Process

  • Majority of Attendance (MOA) IRNs

  • Student Attending Situations

  • Data Collector WKC Report

  • WKC Result Codes and IRNs


Troubleshooting Graduation Reports

ODE/ITC EMIS May Training

Kelli Rinehart from ODE will be at NEOnet for a face-to-face EMIS training.


  • Closing FY18
    • Assessments
    • Staff
    • Graduation
    • One Last Look
    • Appeals
    • New Grad History
    • Reminders
  • FY19 Prep
    • Retentions
    • FY19 Data Changes


WebEx Connection Details:


Meeting Number (access code): 851 844 642