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EMIS Alliance - Troubleshooting FTE Reports

This session will focus on using Excel to troubleshoot the FTE Reports.

Some of the topics that may be covered:

  1. Locate and open the FTE reports from the Data Collector
  2. Discuss each FTE Adjustment
  3. Look at the FTE Detail Report and troubleshoot the data for accuracy and completeness
  4. Discuss the structure of the FTE Summary reports and suggest some best practices on their use.


This is a hands on workshop, so please bring your laptop and the most current version of ALL the FTE Reports.



This session will be via Skype from ODE.


NEOnet has reserved a conference room for our districts to participate in this meeting.

Topics will follow as they are made available.


Student Collection - Checking in at Mid-Year

We will be going over ...

  • What data is collected at the mid-year point
  • Re-visit some of the major reporting elements from the Initial collection
  • What to expect for year end reporting


This session will be available via WebEx.


Everything CTE with ODE

CTE Data and CTE-26 Overview:


The webinar will consist of a high overview of the CTE-26 process and more detailed discussions of CTE EMIS data including courses, EMIS checks and reports, assessment alignment and definitions of important CTE populations.

Revisiting the Connection Between EMIS Reporting and Gifted

Gifted in Ohio

Topics include...

  • Review what data need entered for EMIS Reporting
  • Gfted input points
  • How the changes in the new Gifted Operating Standard from FY18 may effect what district needs to report


We are fortunate to have this session lead by Julie Dudones - Gifted Coordinator at Cuyahoga Falls City Schools.


This session will not be available via WebEx.