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DASL EMIS Calendar Exceptions

During the School Year Initialization process buildings will put their non-attending days from the district calendar into the calendar wizard in DASL. During SYI there are no EMIS exceptions put on the non-attending days.  Due to new changes in EMIS we will hold a new training based on how to bulk assign these EMIS exceptions for your entire district. Please note: ALL buildings in your district must be initialized to attend. 

Student Services Open Lab

Utilize this open lab setting for working purposes or to ask questions on any of the products in the ProgressBook Suite or EMIS related topics. 

Final Forms with ProgressBook Integration

Webinar Information:


SKYPE training with ODE available as one group session here at NEOnet.

Online discussion on the CCP redesign and SCR conflicts in ODDEX, Gen Issues, Assessment Collections, the March Follow-Up (D) Collection, and the Five Year Forecast – Initial Optional (P) Collection.



Kelli Rinehart from ODE will be here for a face-to-face training.


  • FY19 Changes
  • Career Tech
  • Where Kids Count
  • SOES
  • ODDEX – General
  • Other
  • Grad Reports
  • Five-Year Forecast – Required Spring Update (P) Collection       


This session will be available via WebEx.


WebEx Connection Details