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EMIS Alliance Where Kids Count Reports

Where Kids Count - Troubleshooting Reports

Focus will be on troubleshooting the WKC Report to resolve data reporting issues and verify data for accuracy and completeness.

Topics May Include:

  • Where Kids Count (WKC) Process
  • Assigning Majority of Attendance and Accountability IRNs
  • Accessing and Preparing the WKC Report
  • Student Attending Situations and Where Kids Count
  • WKC Summary Report


This session will not be available via WebEx.

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting CTE FTE Reports

CTE Topics included are:

  • CTE Level 2 Reports

  • Accessing and Formatting Level 2 CTE Reports

  • Understanding the CTE FTE Detail Report

  • Connecting the CTE FTE Detail Report and the CTE Error Detail Reports

  • Troubleshooting the CTE Error Detail Reports

  • Understanding the CTE Summary Reports

  • Requesting CTE Overrides

  • CTE FTE Daily Summary Reports


FY19 Final Student Checklist/Graduate Checklist Workshop

This workshop will cover the FY19 Student Collection Checklist and the FY19 Graduate Checklist. 


During this session, we will be using a hands on approach for the tasks in each checklist including any applicable Ad-Hoc Reports.


Please feel free to bring your laptop to work through your districts data.


Webinar Information: