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EMIS Alliance - Troubleshooting Federal Child Count Reports

This session will immediately follow the DASL/GradeBook Roundtable.

Topics to be covered

  • Troubleshooting the Federal Child Count (FCC) Report​       

EMIS Connection Open Labs-Staff/Course L Collection & TLC Report Troubleshooting

EMIS Connections Lab - Staff/Course First Window 

  • Hands on workshop walking through each step of verifying the staff and courses for the beginning of the year
  • Troubleshooting Level 2 reports in the data collector


Teacher Licensure Course Reports

  • Understanding TLC Status Report Data

  • CORE Educator Search and Certification and Licensure Search

  • Accessing and Formatting the TLC Status Report

  • Troubleshooting the TLC Status Report

ODE/ITC EMIS Training May/June

Topics TBD


This meeting will be available via WebEx.


WebEx Connection Details


Meeting Number: 735 787 166

Meeting Password:  MayEMIS


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EMIS Alliance - Excel, SSIDs and Troubleshooting Grad Reports

This is the first group of topics for the FY19 EMIS Alliance sessions.                     

We will begin with:

Using Excel to troubleshoot EMIS Data

  • Create a MACRO to Format a Spreadsheet

  • Calendar Data Verification

  • Create a Dropdown List in Excel

  • FTE Detail Report Subtotaling

Troubleshooting Grad Reports

  • Understanding Graduation Requirements