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FY20 EMIS Alliance - Using Excel to Troubleshoot EMIS Data

Topics to be covered:

•Simple formulas to troubleshoot student FTEs
•VLOOKUP to add LEA names to a report
•Macro to format an FTE Detail report
•Concatenation and conditional formatting to verify calendar data and student data


This session will not be available via WebEx.



FY20 Initial Student & Staff/Course Checklists

FY20 "S" Student Checklist & FY20 "L" Initial Staff/Course Checklist


For both checklists, we may...

  • Cover any new FY20 updates
  • Walk through tasks for each checklist for clairification
  • Go over Ad Hoc Reports that are relevant to each task

This session will not be available via WebEx.

Feel free to bring your laptops.

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting FCC Reports

Topics may include:

Federal Child Count

  • Troubleshooting the EMIS FCC reports which are generated throughout the EMIS data submission process.


Please download the most recent copy of all your Federal Child Count report and bring your laptop for this interactive session.


This session will not be available via WebEx.


Lunch will be on your own.


EMIS Alliance FY19 Graduation

Topics may include:

FY19 Graduate Reports

•Grad Cohort Reports
•Grad Issues Report
•Graduation Requirements
•Graduation Cohort Pathway Reports – VLOOKUP
•Graduation Cohort Pathway Reports
•Graduation Gen Issues Reports


This session will not be available via WebEx.