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Certified EMIS Professional Certification Informational Session

This informal session is for any EMIS Coordinator who is interested in taking the Certified EMIS Professional (CEP) test.   

Topics Include:

  • Qualifications to be eligible for the test
  • Organizational tips
  • What Professional Development qualifies
  • Navigation on the OAEP website to complete the application and workbook for the test


***This session will immediately follow the EMIS Alliance FTE Workshop***

CANCELLED - EMIS Usergroup Meeting

Some deadlines of interest now are:

Data Collection:

February 28th – Fall 3rd Grade ELA and Reading Collection.

March 6th – Fall Early Learning Assessment Collection

Ongoing – file with SCR frequently to keep ODDEX as clean and helpful as possible

CTE Schools – March Follow-ups should be in the hands of your career tech teachers and hopefully back to you



EMIS - Final Student & Graduation Checklist Review

The Period S Checklist includes all reporting windows for Period S for the Traditional districts (first window, second window and final window) as well as all reporting windows for Period S for the Community/STEM districts (first window and final window). We believe this assists districts in having all needed information quickly updated and located in one place for the Period S reporting.

EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting CTE FTE Reports Workshop


  • CTE Level 2 Reports
  • Accessing and Formatting Level 2 CTE Reports
  • Understanding the CTE FTE Detail Report
  • Connecting the CTE FTE Detail Report and the CTE Error Detail Reports
  • Troubleshooting the CTE Error Detail Reports
  • Understanding the CTE Summary Reports
  • Requesting CTE Overrides
  • CTE FTE Daily Summary Report

This session will be delivered via WebEx only.   The login details are below.


EMIS Alliance Troubleshooting FTE Reports Workshop


•Accessing and Preparing Data Collector FTE Reports
•Troubleshooting the FTE Adjustment Report
•Understanding the FTE Detail Report
•Reviewing FTE Summary Reports
•Understanding FTE Daily Summary Reports



EMIS Alliance SSID Workshop

SSIDs, which are unique to the state of Ohio, are used for funding and tracking longitudinal student data. The SSID system provides a way for ODE to collect student level data without jeopardizing student privacy. The SSID database is maintained by IBM separately from the ODE EMIS system. This presentation will provide an introduction to SSIDs and discuss resolution to common SSID situations.



ODE/ITC EMIS Training - April 2020 **CANCELLED**

The April/May trainings will be offered on five different dates/times.

Topics to be discussed during the five trainings will include the Secure Data Center, calendar reporting, Where Kids Count, and EMIS changes. Registrants will be able to select a date that best fits their schedule at the time of registration, as long as space is available. 

Registration is now available in OH|ID>Training and Registration tile.    Then search for EMIS events and register for the ODE/ITC tranings.  Capacity is 150 registrants per session.  

ODE/ITC EMIS Training - February/March 2020

Topics will be posted when they become available.


This session will by via SKYPE with ODE.   Registration will be through the Registration and Trainings tile in OH|ID.

NEOnet will also have a room reserved for broadcasting this training.


ODE/ITC EMIS Training - January 2020

Topics may include:

  • Staff and Course Collections
  • Career Technical Education
  • Assessment Collections
  • Gifted
  • TGRG
  • Grandparent Legislation


This session will by via SKYPE with ODE.   Registration will be through the Registration and Trainings tile in OH|ID.


NEOnet will also have a room reserved for broadcasting this training.


Calendar EMIS Exception

During the School Year Initialization process, buildings will put their non-attending days from the district calendar into the calendar wizard in DASL. During SYI there are no EMIS exceptions put on the non-attending days. This session will go over the steps to bulk upload your EMIS Exceptions for calendars, fix your Senior calendars, ensure hours of day are correct, and enter all the Staff Professional Development hours.  Please note: ALL buildings in your district must be initialized to attend.