Instructions, Videos, and Resources

COVID-19/School closure information:

Concerned about sanitizing your returned materials?

American Libraries Magazine recommendations here

Ohio Library Council's recommendations here


NEOnet OverDrive Consortium Collection

OverDrive Consortium Fact Sheet

Logging in to Sora video walkthrough

Sora cheat sheet for teachers and students

Navigating in an ebook video walkthrough



Placing a Hold using CAT video walkthrough 

Placing a Hold using CAT Jr video walkthrough

Placing a Hold using ISearch video walkthrough

Librarian/Library Aide placing a Hold using WorkFlows video walkthrough

Instructions for filling holds on items that are currently checked out

Instructions for filling holds on items that are Available (on shelf)

Instructions for Trapping Holds.  Note:You only need to Trap holds if you want to hand out notices/email students, or for holds that were placed at a different building  

Instructions for running Hold Pickup Notices Report.  For emailing or handing out hold available notices

Instructions for students who want to display or cancel their holds



Need to install WorkFlows?

Visit and download the Mac or PC file under Installation.

Watch this short video for a walkthrough of the installation process.


Trying to open a finished report and getting an error message that says "The specified path was not found"?

See below for a set of written instructions and a short video (6 minute) to walk you through the necessary steps.

Setting the printer path to open in Word (video)


Want to run a Overdue Notice report and send it as an email?


Want to run a WorkFlows report to output as an Excel spreadsheet?


Wondering how to run a specific report or need a refresher on inventory?

See the WorkFlows handbook at


Opening up barcodes in your finished reports and only seeing large numbers?

Go to and download the barcode font under Installation.


Have a tip to share or need assistance?

Contact the NEOnet Library Services staff at libraryhelp[at]neonet[dot]org.