Meeting Reminders:
The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday December 6th, 2012 at 9:00am.

Symantec AV Group Purchase
We are currently gathering counts for our Symantec AV group purchase renewal. If you currently participate in our AV group purchase, the renewal cost will be $2.60 per license. We have already sent out your current counts so please confirm them so there is no interruption in service. If you are a new customer interested in purchasing through NEOnet, please provide the number of new licenses you are interested in purchasing at $3.10 per license. New licenses would need to be purchased for all clients and servers you want to secure with Symantec AV. All communication regarding this group purchase should be directed to Fassnacht[at][dot] Please send in all licensing requests by November 30th, 2012 so we can complete the purchase in time for our early December renewal.

Cisco SmartNet Group Purchase
It is that time of year again to begin our Cisco SmartNet group purchase renewal process. If you are a current customer, you should already have a login to the SmartNet portal where you can review your currently covered equipment. If you need to adjust your equipment list, please specify the equipment and serial numbers you would like to add or remove. If you are not a current customer and you would like to add some equipment to the group purchase, please send an email with the equipment model and serial numbers you would like a quote on. We will include your equipment in the renewal quote and you will receive a personalized email explaining the costs and requesting your approval to include them in the purchase. All communications regarding the renewal should be sent to Fassnacht[at][dot] We would like to complete this process by the end of December for renewal invoices to be sent out in January.

NEOnet SIP Trunk Cutover
NEOnet will be implementing a new SIP trunk at our office on December 27th at 9:00am. This new SIP trunk will provide connectivity to the public switch telephone network here at the NEOnet office and for future customers who would like to eliminate their local PRIs. The cutover will be service impacting, so we will be unable to place or receive calls up to a brief 30 minute period. After the work is complete, phone support will be fully functional and there will be no phone number changes as a result. We will still be able to communicate with all our customers via email during this time. Since this timeframe lands during Christmas break, we will continue to remind the Fiscal departments at each district of this transition, as it will be most impactful to them. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process or the impact it may have, please contact zolla[at]neonet[dot]org. 

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