SCCM Training

Want to know more about imaging workstations with SCCM?  NEOnet has partnered with Avvenire Solutions to provide one day sessions at our training facility, or personalized on site individual training to meet the needs of all our customers.  The training classes will accommodate six individuals at $250 a seat for a one day training.  Lunch will be provided for those who attend the onsite training at NEOnet.  If you are interested in having SCCM training locally and personalized to your deployment, an onsite training can be arranged for $1500 per day.  We have opened up two additional days per session, so please check the calendar to fill any remaining seats.  I have included the links below:


Malwarebytes Webinar

Last month NEOnet sent out a survey to get feedback on a potential Malwarebytes group purchase.  The result of that survey showed the majority of the group did not have enough information about the product or its capabilities to make an informed decision.  In light of those results, Malwarebytes will be conducting a webinar on Thursday April 6th at 10:30am immediately follow the Technology Advisory Committee Meeting.  They will be presenting via the same WebEx session that the meeting will be hosted in.  Those who are physically on site here at NEOnet can watch the presentation and enjoy lunch afterward.  Those joining the meeting remotely, can simply stay in the same session to participate in the demonstration followed by a Q and A session to answer any questions.


NEOnet PRI service and 911 notifications

Are you tired of dealing with long distance and local phone bills?  Is locating the source of a 911 call burdensome?  If you are a NEOnet hosted voice customer, we can eliminate your monthly phone bill and increase your visibility into 911 calls.  Moving your PRI service to NEOnet is easy and also gives us the ability to provide E-911 and notifications at no additional cost.  The service bundles local and long distance into one easy annual payment, all while maintaining the same phone numbers you use today.  For more information, please reach out via email to zolla[at]neonet[dot]org.

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