DASL Update
It is always a good idea before the end of the first reporting period to verify your school buildings GPA Sets and Honor Roll’s. GPA Set Maintenance is located at Management » School Administration » Course History Administration » GPA Sets. Check that the mark types, reporting terms, calculations, and grade levels are correct. It is also a good idea to refresh your GPA Sets (the green arrows icon) and then verify the GPA is calculating correctly by going to SIS » Student » Course History » GPA History

Honor Roll Maintenance is located at Management » School Administration » Marks Administration Menu » Honor Rolls . Check that the minimum gpa, gpa set, missing marks, and message are all correct

Michele Fulton has been hired to fill the DASL position vacancy. Michele gained experience supporting school districts while with an Ohio based IT services/hardware provider that supported the K-12 education sector. We are excited to have her join our team here at NEOnet. You can contact her by email at fulton[at]neonet[dot]org, by phone at 330-926-3900 ext 601113 or through the help desk

EMIS Update
On Oct. 17, ODE released additional preliminary district, traditional school, community school, and STEM school results on Ohio’s 2011-2012 state tests and several related measures. The updated spreadsheet includes preliminary district/school ratings, performance index and attendance rate information. This spread sheet is available from the ODE website - Accountability. ODE will not publish PDFs of the Local Report Cards until the investigation by the Auditor of State is concluded

An auditor’s report on Student Attendance Data and Accountability for select school districts was released October 23,
2012. The Auditors found no evidence of data scrubbing for the 2010-2011 school year for the districts included in this report. The investigation is ongoing and the Auditor’s Office will continue to review attendance data for all schools and will provide additional information when known.

ProgressBook Update
Send Class Notifications – Located on the Class Dashboard, the Class Notifications link allows teachers to send emails to students, parents or students and parents. This option is available only if your district has enabled the feature.

  1. On the Class Dashboard in the Classroom Administration area, click Class Notifications.

  2. On the Class Notifications screen in the Message intended for list, select one of the following:

    a. Students
    b. Parents
    c. Students and Parents

  3. In the Select Message Recipients list, click on the name of the student to which you want to send the email, and then click > or click >>>to include all recipients.
    In order for students to appear in the Select Message Recipients list, students and/or their parents must have registered their email address in ParentAccess.

  4. In the Subject field, enter the subject of your email.

  5. In the Message field, enter your message. In the Message field, teachers can only enter text (letters and numbers);
    they cannot add images, attachments, etc.

  6. Click Send Email. The message "Your message has been sent" will display.

Special Services Update
The Sps Special Services Accommodations Report can be run to show students on a completed IEP that needs accommodations for each Area of Assessment. These Accommodation Reports can be run by building and grade. 

Student Services Update