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10/13/20 DataMap RIMP Refresher 9:00 AM
10/13/20 DASL Grad Points 1:00 PM
10/15/20 DASL Grad Points 9:00 AM
10/26/20 EMIS Alliance- Using Exel to Troubleshoot EMIS Reports 9:00 AM
11/4/20 DataMap Interventions 1:00 PM

DASL (Student Information) Update

A couple noteworthy items from the recent 20.2 release!

  • The release included adding the 21/22 school year script. Although you will not see it in your top corner of DASL as a year to select until your district has processed School Year Initialization, it does appear on a couple of screens that may cause confusion. 1) When adding a Job Function to a staff member in security the 21/22 school year will appear 2) When using the Student Transfer screen the 21/22 school year will appear. Be cautious as these screens should still be using 20/21.
  • College-Ready Seal (Ohio)- Students who earned a remedial score in either the ACT or SAT test will automatically get their College-Ready Seal checked in the Grad Points module! This makes it one step easier to see students who are making progress towards their graduation pathway! To review the ACT or SAT assessment circumstances that are used please refer to the release notes.

EMIS Update:

FY21L Student Course Grade Collection  – NEW collection opening this month to begin collecting student grades earned.  ODE also hopes to update the EMIS Manual by then.  While it is opening this month ODE doesn't anticipate using any of this data until December, at the earliest.  It will be used internally for developing the risk-model for the new Grad Early Warning System (EWS), not to publish anything out to the field or to the public.  This year is about prepping for EWS.  ODE is hoping to have some data in by December, but it won't be incorporated until they roll out the EWS.  Mainly, it is opening this month just to be consistent for what timeframe it'll be in future years, to capture first quarter, 6-week, etc. grades to begin updating graduate risk ratios.  In the future, this information will be used in the fall, not long after Staff/Course "L" collection opens

The student Course Grade Record includes:

  • Student information
  • Local Classroom Code •
  • Grade – A-F, I-incomplete, P-pass, U-unknown
  • Term –YE-year end, S1-first semester, Q1-first quarter/9 weeks, X1-first 6 weeks, and others
  • Grade Status –F-final, I-interim, P-in progress.
  • Final grades are required. Interim grades if issued for a specific term.

Federal Child Count

  • Closing date for Initial Student Collection and Snapshot date for Federal Child Count - December 21, 2020
  • Students included in the FCC Enrolled with a disability condition in effect as of October 31st,  IEP in effect on October 31st

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) – Age and grade level determine expected LRE

  • 3-5 year olds in preschool – Preschool LRE Outcome
  • 4-year olds in KG = preschool LRE outcome
  • 5-year-olds in kindergarten = school age LRE outcome
  • 6 to 21-year-olds = school age LRE outcome
  • Updated October 31 IEP Outcome (FN270) must be reported if current IEP outcome is not age appropriate
  • Temporary change: kindergarten students can be reported with “16 – Developmental Delay” through December 1, 2020 (EMIS Change 21-54)
  • Permanent change: 6-year-old preschool students can be reported with “16” through December 1 (EMIS Change 21-55)
  • Fatal errors will be generated if “16” still reported as of December 2

Enhancements ODDEX

  • CCP - Modified the display of data provided during the Review process to include all prior comments.  This is being provided as reference only.   These can not be changed, only new comments can be added.
  • CCP - Modified the age out process for courses, so it will now mimic the age out used for agreements.  Instead of always using the last update date as a basis for calculating the 45 days, the application will now use the later of two dates; the last update date or a specific date.  
  • Those specific dates will be different for each term and are as follows:
    • Fall term - Sept. 1
    • Winter term - Dec. 1
    • Spring term - Feb. 1
    • Summer term -Sept. 1

Collections Closing:                                                                            

Graduation Collection (FY20) – 10.16.20                 

Collections Opening:

Calendar Collection - Final (FY21) (2021CFINL) – 10.8.20

Student Course Grade Collection (FY21) (2021LCGRD) – 10.8.20

Fall 3rd Gr Reading Collection (FY21) (2021AGNFL) – 10.22.20

OGT Assessment Collection (FY21) (2021AGXFY)  - 10.22.20

Child Outcome Summary Assessment Collection (FY21) (2021AGMFY) – 10.22.20

Data Appeals

FY20 Graduate Cohort Appeals- 10.19.20 to 10.30.20 Deadline to submit corrected data in EMIS for approved appeals is November 13 at 11:59pm.

FY20 Graduate & Prepared for Success Appeals- 10.19.20 to 10.30.20 Deadline to submit corrected data in EMIS for approved appeals is November 13 at 11:59pm.

Professional Development

EMIS Alliance – Using Excel to Troubleshoot EMIS Reports - Virtual

October 26, 2020    9:00am – 11:30am

Watch our Website for the October 2020 edition of:

EMIS (Every Month Is Something) NEWs


Google Classroom Sync Updates:

 • When you make changes to an assignment’s name, due date, and/or total point value in Google Classroom, these values are now updated in GradeBook when you re-sync the assignment.

Students are now sorted alphabetically by last name instead of first name.

The names of your Google Classroom classes that display in the Google Class dropdown list now contain the section number designated in Google Classroom.

Transferring Student Marks with Google Classroom or Canvas Assignments:

When transferring a Students Marks the assignments that were Google Classroom Sync or Canvas, will not transfer as individual assignments but as one overall assignment.


Special Services
Special Services and Federal Child Count

Federal Child Count is quickly approaching. As we move toward October Reporting, it is important that districts look at what is Overdue and In Review.

These documents must be Completed and Reported

The Federal Child Count Reports can be used to verify the number of children with disabilities who are receiving special education and related services in accordance with an IEP on October 31

  • Enrolled on October 31
  • Disability Condition (FD130) in effect as of October 31
  • Between the ages of 3-21 as of October 31
  • IEP in effect on October 31

Please let Denise Marrali (Marrali[at]NEOnet[dot]org) or Bethany Ladich (Ladich[at]NEOnet[dot]org) know if you have any questions.

Student Services Update