All training will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated)

1/24/13 - DASL: SYI for 13/14 12:30 PM – 3PM
1/29/13 - DASL Public Course Request Module 9AM – 10:30AM
1/30/13 - DASL/EMIS Open Lab 9AM – 11AM
2/05/13 - DASL: SYI for 13/14 9AM – 11:30 AM
2/05/13 - DASL/EMIS Open Lab 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM
2/07/13 - DASL Public Course Request Module 9AM – 10:30 AM
2/12/13 - DASL Batch Scheduler 1PM – 3:00 PM
​2/19/13 - DASL/EMIS Open Lab 1PM – 3PM
2/20/13 - DASL: SYI for 13/14 1PM – 3:30 PM at Medina County ESC
2/28/13 - DASL: SYI for 13/14 9AM – 11:30 AM 


DASL, Gradebook, and Special Services new login 
On February 20th, DASL, Gradebook, and Special Services will be updated to the 13.3.1 release. This release allows for a single location to sign in for all three applications. Once signed in, you will be able to use the ‘Quick Launch’ to navigate between the different applications that you have access to without having to sign in an additional time. If your users have saved their username/password on the current login screen, please be aware that the update uses a new login screen and that this will not be automatically populated after the release. Please be prepared to follow your procedure of providing usernames and resetting passwords.

An Overview of the changes includes:

  1. The login page(s) has changed its appearance
  2. When you log in/out of the applications, you are logged in/out of all applications you have access to
  3. Use the Quick Launch to navigate between the applications you have access to
  4. There is a timeout of 60 minutes for all applications.

Please share this with all your users.

DASL Update
In the upcoming 13.3.1 release the OTELA screen will change. The list of changes includes: the OTELA Screen will display information for each test area separately in a single grid row, the import process will update the OTELA records in a new screen, and this will be added in the EZ Student Data Screen. Also, there will be additions to the OTELA Report. Some of the additions are Production Scaled (PROS), Production Level (PROL) and it will Display Accommodations and Score Not Reported values for each Test Part. Please contact Student Services for any questions with this new update.

EMIS Update
The snapshot date for December Child Count data has been changed. The Federal due date has been extended for all states. This will allow LEAs more time to update and submit data. ODE will extract data up to and including February 1st for December Child Count. The dates for the first warning and first out of compliance were changed. The first out of compliance was scheduled to coincide with the December snapshot date. With the change in the snapshot date, the first out of compliance will now be based on submissions through February 1st. An updated FY13 Processing Schedule and Data Submission Requirements document for the FY13 October (K) Reporting Period has been posted to the ODE web page. 

Student Services Update