Fiscal Software Conversion Timeline

Later this week, we will be sending out a Survey Monkey asking each district who hasn’t yet migrated/converted off of Classic State Software to choose a quarter to begin the process of moving to either USxSr (Redesign) or eFinancePLUS.  This will allow us to have a plan going forward.  This schedule will be preliminary and will not be “set in stone.”

If you would like additional information on either software package, please contact Kim Fassnacht at fassnacht[at]neonet[dot]org.


USxSr (Redesign) Wiki

Did you know that there is a Wiki page designed by SSDT which provides information on the Redesign project? This Wiki can be found at On this page, you can read all newsletters, minutes from touch-base meetings for districts in the process of converting, and information on future module (ie. ARF and EIS) progress.  If you are interested in seeing the implementation status of each district who is either in the process of converting or who has already gone live, there is a chart located at  Another helpful page to determine whether your current (or future planned) third-party vendors will integrate with USxSr is located at .


Fund 467 for Wellness and Success

Fund 467 has been set up by the State of Ohio to account for state monies distributed in accordance with ORC section 3317.26, that are restricted for specific purposes related to student wellness including mental health services, services for homeless youth, services for child welfare involved youth, community liaisons, physical health care services, mentoring programs, family engagement and support services, city connects programming, professional development regarding the provision of trauma informed care, and professional development regarding cultural competence.  This fund should be classified as a special revenue fund.  This fund does not need Auditor of State approval to be established. 

State Software Customers (Both Classic and USxSr) - We have installed the newest release from SSDT that contained the update to the AOS with the 467 fund to USAS.

eFinancePLUS Customers – We have added this fund to your Fund Accounting > Reference Tables > Organization Chart. This will enable you to build your Cash Accounts and Budget Units using this new fund.


NEOnet – Did You Know?

NEOnet supports 146 Educational Entities and over 160,000 students!

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