FY18H Financial appeals

On Monday, October 1, ODE will start accepting appeal submissions, so districts will see the prior version of FY18H manifest which will include all record types to submit appeals.  IMPORTANT: When districts submit appeal data for finance, they cannot leave off any record types, they must submit ALL record types, including any submitted in Supplemental, because every submission completely replaces any prior submissions.  All required data for “H” should be re-reported even if the appeal was just for a single record type.

eFinancePLUS Update

NEOnet has begun conversions to eFinancePLUS for three districts: Nordonia Hills City Schools, Shaker Heights City Schools and Summit Academy Schools.  Any districts interested in being a part of the next round, which begins in January, should contact Kim Fassnacht at fassnacht[at]neonet[dot]org prior to the deadline of November 6.

State Software Redesign Update

The first wave implementations of the State Software Redesign are successfully in production at eight different sites: six school districts and two ITCs.  The State Software Development Team’s (SSDT) Redesign Implementation Details Wiki page documents this work in greater detail.

Implementing the Redesign software in these sites has been a learning experience for sponsoring ITCs (NOACSC, NWOCA and OMERESA) and the implementing school districts.  Those lessons learned will, of course, inform future waves and the second wave will be underway shortly.  Thanks to the committed effort of respective fiscal support staff members, problems and anomalies that have surfaced have generally been quickly resolved.  SSDT continues to add refinements, enhancements, and eliminate minor bugs to ensure the system can meet standard and unique business processes performed by various school treasurer offices across Ohio.  

For interested parties as well as for districts and ITCs participating in wave two, helpful resources that will augment the training include the following:

SSDT is currently scheduling implementation dates for ITCs and districts participating in wave two. Second wave participants can begin using Redesign on any date between August and December of 2018.  ITCs and the SSDT will guide and support the 20 plus school districts that are expecting to migrate to the Redesign software between now and the end of 2018. 

As we enter the second wave, SSDT added staff and is enhancing both its system support processes and help desk software to meet the demands of this larger deployment.  Most significantly, we are excited to introduce Scott Walthour, who will be serving in the leadership role as the Redesign’s Implementation Manager for the second wave and beyond.  Scott has diverse experience in secondary and post-secondary education, professional development, information technology and project management.  For the past several years Scott has managed the Roster Verification and Enterprise Resource Planning Projects for the Management Council.  With Scott now managing the ERP and Redesign projects, we expect he will be able to leverage the strengths of both initiatives to optimize the experience for school Treasurers across Ohio.  We welcome Scott to the Redesign project and look forward to his insights and leadership.

Fiscal Update