Media Services Update

Finding professionally-evaluated, standards-aligned, free online resources just got easier for Ohio teachers with INFOhio’s new partnership with Knovation.


INFOhio is providing all Ohio PreK-12 schools with access to the Knovation Content Collection through INFOhio’s Educator Tools. Knovation's extensive collection of online resources includes high-quality open educational resources (OER) and open access learning resources that engage students and improve learning.


Educator Tools, powered by INFOhio, now includes more than 40,000 teacher-approved lesson plans, assessments, and other instructional resources, curated by Knovation, to support personalized learning, project-based learning, and the inquiry process. For the 2018-2019 school year, INFOhio has transformed Educator Tools by leveraging Knovation’s managed OER metadata to give Ohio educators easy and free access to contextualized, teacher-evaluated, standards-aligned learning resources from exemplary K-12 content publishers. In INFOhio’s Educator Tools, teachers can find the best-in-class learning resources for all grades and all subject areas to differentiate and personalize learning for Ohio’s PreK-12 students.


Knovation is an Ohio-based company with a team of education professionals who use a 127-point rubric to evaluate the instructional materials.


Each day, INFOhio retrieves new standards-aligned instructional content. Visit Educator Tools often to find the best instructional materials for educators and their students.


Find links to Educator Tools on the INFOhio homepage, in the menu at the top of most INFOhio webpages, and in the menu of links at the bottom of most INFOhio webpages.


To learn more about using Educator Tools, watch the Learn With INFOhio webinar, Teacher-Approved Instructional Content, Curated by Knovation and Powered by INFOhio. For tips on how you can use Educator Tools to find instructional resources for your classroom, watch this brief INFOhio video tutorial.


Technology Integration Update

Have you seen the newest Google Classroom Updates? Chances are you seeing some of them but not all of them. Google announced back in July some promised updates and we are finally seeing them roll out. First, be aware of the fact that you might be seeing two phases of the updates. There was a beta transition over the summer and some accounts may still be seeing this version. In traditional Google fashion, updates are hitting accounts at different times. Nevertheless, the final update should be hitting everyone’s accounts now or very soon from now. Listed below, you will find Google’s official update list.

With the newest updates you are going to see the following changes. (as of September 2018)

  • Teachers can add materials to the Classwork page.

  • Teachers can add the Classwork page to existing classes or classes they’ve previously removed the page from.

  • Teachers and students have an easier way to post in the Stream.

  • Teachers can edit the room, subject, and section when creating or editing a course or in the Settings page.

  • Teachers can edit the room and subject when creating or editing a course.

New features: (as of August 2018)

  • New Classwork page—Teachers and students have a new Classwork page. Teachers can post assignments and questions on the page, as well as group them into modules with topics.
  • New grading tool in Classroom—Teachers have a new grading tool where they can switch between grades, student submissions, and comments while grading and save common feedback in a comment bank to use later.
  • New People page—Teachers can view class member information on the People page. Teachers can also invite and remove studentsco-teachers, and guardians on the page.
  • New Settings page—Teachers can edit the class description, change the class code, manage guardian summaries, and control Stream settings on a consolidated Settings page.
  • Copy a class—Teachers can copy classwork and topics from an existing class to new class.
  • Control notifications by class—Teachers and students can turn notifications off for any class.
  • Change grades—Teachers can change grade point values when creating or editing assignments or questions.
  • See updates—Teachers and students can see updated labels (Assigned, Turned In, and Graded) for the status of a student’s work.
Librarian's Update