SunGard eFinancePLUS Implementation Update

With Round One conversions in full swing, the fiscal department, along with the participating districts, have been attending comprehensive trainings.  This month, the Fund Accounting side of the software was the focus of the trainings, with the districts learning how to create requisitions, purchase orders, workflow approvals and running A/P checks.

Also this month, we have begun loading employee demographics, deductions and job classifications into the Payroll/HR side. This week, we will be learning how to begin running a payroll.  Our first parallel payroll trial will be in mid October.

Round Two Order Forms are due this Friday, September 30.  If you are considering participating in one of the upcoming rounds please contact Kim Fassnacht or Lisa Nash.

For a proposed, detailed schedule of Round 2 please see our website at  and click on Round 2 Information.


Treasurer’s Operating Committee

The next Treasurer’s Operating Committee meeting will be held on October 19th at Noon (lunch will be provided, as always). 

We are asking for your input on topics you would like to discuss or learn more about at these meetings. Please send any suggestions to Kim Fassnacht.


Period H and Capital Assets

Financial Period H will be closing on September 30th. Districts need to submit their Capital Asset information if they have not already done so. In prior years, if district financial data was not at 100% the district could have received a non-compliance letter and be subject to payments being withheld.

If you would like to submit your information, please contact the fiscal team at fiscal[at]neonet[dot]org to receive documentation or one of the Fiscal Team members can submit your information on behalf of the district.


Meeting Reminders

10/07/16 – 9:00 am – USPS Roundtable

10/18/16 – 9:00 – 3:00 – Fiscal Open Lab

10/21/16 – 9:00 am – USAS Roundtable


Fiscal Update