Meeting Reminders:

The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday October 6th, 2016 at 9:00am.  This will be the first meeting provided via video conferencing.  We encourage everyone to be onsite as we work through the initial implementation issues.


Core Switch Replacement

We will be replacing the layer three core switch at both data centers on Wednesday October 12th with a maintenance window of 9:00pm-6:00am.  We will use the redundancy of the data centers to eliminate as much downtime as possible, but there will be service interruptions during the maintenance window.  While we are not expecting any issues, NEOnet technical staff will be in early on Thursday to mitigate any unforeseen issues that might arise as a result of the switch replacement.



Our conversion to IPv6 will also be a big focus for this year.  As you may know, the IPv4 address space available to service providers is now depleted.  The options available to organizations who need additional address space is to acquire these resources through brokering services and purchasing the asset.  The other option is to move to IPv6.  The IPv6 space has been around for many years and does not have the limitation of address space that IPv4 faced.  NEOnet has already acquired our IPv6 space and is in the early stages of making that transition plan.  While we are not in dire straits, IPv4 addressing is a concern for NEOnet.  What does this mean for our customers?

  • We will be reviewing the current utilization rate of the blocks we have already assigned to our customers and reclaiming unused space.This will allow us to break the blocks is to smaller groups and increase our utilization of IPv4 space.This has no impact on schools, as if you request space we will still issue it as needed.

  • We will begin to put together a plan to move in the direction of IPv6.This includes running both IPv4 and IPv6 in tandem to resources publically available on the internet.While NEOnet will handle the majority of the work, there may some knowledge transfer required to understand how these two protocols will work simultaneously.

We will definitely be discussing this process in depth at our monthly Technology Advisory Committee Meetings as well as offering some trainings you can attend so everyone understands the process involved and how we will accomplish this transition.


Storage Replication

NEOnet is official replicating all of our hosted storage to our DR site and vice versa.  This includes replicating the live virtual machines at the DR site back to the Primary site as well.  This represents a monumental accomplishment in regards to disaster recovery.  With the server upgrades done, we now have completely identical hardware at both our data centers, taking the mean time to recover from a disaster down to hours instead of days.  Our current environment allows us to run all our hosted services completely at either site, making our DR strategy truly comprehensive.  While this is a fantastic solution to recover from a disaster, we still backup and our environment and replicated those backups at the DR site, so you can feel confident all your data is secure and protected.


If you have any questions or need any additional details please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email zolla[at]neonet[dot]org.

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