Treasurer’s Operating Committee Shared Google Drive

As discussed at the August Treasurer’s Operating Committee meeting, we have created a shared Google drive in order to share pertinent information with our member treasurers. This drive includes information on the USxS Redesign and eFinancePLUS software, Covid-related topics and committee meeting agendas. We have also included a contact list of NEOnet consortium treasurers and the NEOnet fiscal team organization chart. If you did not receive an invitation to this shared drive, and would like to have access, please send an email to fassnacht[at]neonet[dot]org


Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Last Friday, September 11, NEOnet hosted a roundtable to discuss the payroll implications of the FFCRA. The fiscal team can assist districts on the proper payroll modifications for each fiscal software package. For assistance, please contact fiscalhelp[at]neonet[dot]org.  Below are some helpful links for more information on FFCRA. Also included below is a link to the recording of the Zoom meeting held with our districts.

To View the Zoom meeting: Passcode: Uw%^AM9W


eFinancePLUS Accounts Payable Roundtable – October 6

This new event will bring together eFinancePLUS district accounts payable, receiving and treasurer's staff to discuss the accounts payable process at their districts and share any issues and best practices with the group. We look forward to bringing together members of our eFinancePlus network to meet as colleagues and share experiences in the system in a peer setting. To RSVP for this roundtable, which will be held virutually, click


Upcoming Meetings/Trainings – all meetings will take place virtually

9/22/2020                            9:00 – 3:00 pm                     Fiscal Open Lab

9/23/2020                            9:30 – 10:30 am                   Redesign Office Hours                                                   

9/23/2020                           1:00 pm                                eFinancePLUS Quarter Balancing

9/24/2020                           1:00 pm                                eFinancePLUS EMIS Period L

10/02/2020                         9:00 am                                eFinancePLUS Notifications Training

10/06/2020                         9:00 am                                eFInancePLUS AP Roundtable

10/09/2020                         9:00 am                                USPS-R Roundtable

10/09/2020                         1:00 pm                                USAS-R Roundtable

Fiscal Update