School Health Management demo

Todays session will be a demonostration on a new service being offered through NEOnets Student Services team on the School Health Management product. 

Schedule, control, document and report detailed
information about every student encounter with
school health care professionals to meet
compliance requirements and keep students

Attach documents to student health records such
as care plans.

Easily manage immunizations and provisional
admissions, and make the screening process simple,
consistent, and fast.

Connect to a state wide immunization database to
pull down all student immunization records instead
of data-entry.

Effortlessly schedule and administer medication and
track prescription inventory.

Track staff training and certifications, and securely
communicate with parents via the Health Portal.
Identify student patterns earlier with simple data
entry screens that also display note history.

Flag patterns of risky behavior like bullying, suicide
ideation or peer conflict for early intervention, by
leveraging meaningful reporting data.

Mental Health and behavior tracking to records
counseling sessions and more.

FERPA compliant

Parent mobile App and portal to communicate
health needs with guardians.

Friday, May 21, 2021 - 9:00am
DASL - Data Analysis for Student Learning
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