On this page you will find a library of resources for your and your teachers. This is a place to come and click around to find an array of links that will provide you with quick and useful information. Check back often as new links will always be going up!

Course Catalog

Technology Integration Plan (May 2017)

Technology Integration Plan Survey

Presentation Links

Screencasting in the classroom (08/22/2016)

School Libraries and Technology Integration (9/27/2016)

G Suite for Art Teachers (10/3/2016)

Advanced Google Docs (10/17/2016)

Interactive Storybooks (10/17/2016)

Tech Tips for Teachers PK-3 (10/28/2016)

Forms and Flubaroo (11/8/2016)

Gmail, Contacts, Sharing, and Collaborating (11/8/2016)

Docs, Sheets, Slides (11/8/2016)

Google Classroom and SAMR (11/29/2016)

Online Testing Tools (12/2/2016)