NEOnet Student Services provides software, support and training for GradeBook to assist participating schools in maintaining a district-wide classroom management solution including the following, click on the link to learn more about the service offering:  

  • Teacher Gradebook - rosters and classes are integrated live from the student information system allowing teachers to enter assignments and lesson plans quickly and efficiently
  • Teacher Lesson Plans - teachers can import lessons used in the prior years to their current classes
  • Student Attendance - attendance is tracked daily and by period
  • Student Report Cards - elementary report cards and be customized to reflect the state standards taught at different grade levels
  • ParentAccess - allows parents and students to see student progress and grades from any internet browser
  • Reports - meaningful data reports on attendance, parent involvement, class and student progress
  • Student Lunch Counts - eliminates the need for paper lunch counts and are accessible from several other access roles