NEOnet Student Services provides software, support and training for GradeBook to assist participating schools in maintaining a district-wide classroom management solution including the following, click on the link to learn more about the service offering:  

  • Teacher Gradebook - rosters and classes are integrated live from the student information system allowing teachers to enter assignments and lesson plans quickly and efficiently
  • Teacher Lesson Plans - teachers can import lessons used in the prior years to their current classes
  • Student Attendance - attendance is tracked daily and by period
  • Student Report Cards - elementary report cards and be customized to reflect the state standards taught at different grade levels
  • ParentAccess - allows parents and students to see student progress and grades from any internet browser
  • Reports - meaningful data reports on attendance, parent involvement, class and student progress
  • Student Lunch Counts - eliminates the need for paper lunch counts and are accessible from several other access roles



Annual Integration Documents

The Beginning of the Year and GradeBook Setup Meetings will now be offered via Webex by individual district, in person at the NEOnet Lab or Self-Administered if requested. These meetings will be scheduled for 1 hour.  We will  review Beginning of Year changes and features. Complete the Startup of GradeBook for the 20-21 school year. The setup process helps with report card setup, grading scales, ParentAccess setup and more items to ensure your teachers Gradebook experience runs smooth for the entire school year.

Please complete the survey on your preferred meeting type:

 Gradebook setup for the 20/21 school year survey

Prior to attending a setup meeting, when the student schedules are as close to correct as possible (including done running the batch scheduler in SIS and a finalized schedule result is selected for the building in SIS), please EMAIL studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org or open a Cherwell ticket to request the integration of SIS and GradeBook to begin. 

You must be available the day after the first nightly load of information.  On that day, you will be required to complete the Cross Reference of the GradeBook Reporting terms to the DASL reporting terms. 

On the Admin home page > grading setup > cross reference. 

You must have the role of MASTER to complete this step.  Note: Integration of GradeBook with SIS requires 2 business days/nights to complete. 

Beginning of the Year Documents:

  • Update District Greeting Page
  • ParentAccess: Attached documentation showing options for ParentAccess access.  To disable ParentAccess, go to PA Admin, District Settings, Enable this District – No. 
  • What can be done prior to Integration?

Integration Documents:

  • Annual Setup Guidelines
  • Delete Students
  • Delete Staff
  • Configuration Utility
  • Set required homerooms for homeroo attendance
  • Teachers GradeBook Checklist