Cheryl Nist – New Fiscal Support Specialist

Cheryl joined the NEOnet Fiscal Support Team September 23rd.  Her hiring has been prompted by the fiscal team’s constant need to support  Payroll Shared Services processing.  Cheryl earned her Bachelors of Science at Ohio State University in 1999.  In 2010 she earned an Associates of Applied Business in Accounting from Stark State College and in 2013 she completed her Ohio School Treasurer’s License.  She will be bringing 10 years of experience working in the public sector the last two of which have been in the accounting field.  Her initial focus at NEOnet will be to learn the payroll cycle and begin processing as needed. 


EMIS Period H Data Submission – Financial Reporting

Period H data submission for FY14 Financial Reporting officially ended September 30th and once again it was an interesting process.  The Period H “manifest” which is what ODE calls the collection request you select to submit data through, was not even opened by ODE until Wednesday September 24th.  This was just six days (4 working) before the filing deadline and well after the September 5th and 19th warning dates.  Then two days later on Friday September 26th, 4 days (2 working) before the filing deadline and ODE decides to inform everyone that “a new version of the H collection request has been published requiring recollection and resubmission of all district data.  ODE did not send an EMIS Flash detailing this however, they just placed a bold sentence right on the manifest.  The only way a district would have known to recollect all of their data and resubmit it would have been to log in and check which, you wouldn’t think you should have to do if you had already submitted your data.    Despite all of this, the NEOnet Fiscal Team (mostly Teresa Bichsel) made sure that all of the district data that was either given to us to enter or entered by you, was recollected and resubmitted as of the September 30th filing date. 

FYI – Probably because of the events detailed above, today, October 3rd, ODE reopened Period H : >  So, if    you missed the filing deadline of Septmber 30th, you now have until October 17th to submit.  The manifiest is open in the data collector.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact the fiscal team at fiscal[at]neonet[dot]org.


EMIS Period P Data Submission – 5 Yr Forecast

All city, local, exempted village, and joint vocational school districts are required to submit a FY15 five-year forecast by October 31, 2014. The October period opened on Wednesday, October 1st and submissions will be processed on a daily basis through October 31st.  As of today October 3rd however, ODE has not placed the manifest in the data collector.  Until they do, no one is able to submit their forecast.  Hopefully this manifest will be opened up for more than 4 days like period H. 

Whether ODE opens the manifest or not the rules still apply.  Any district that does not have a forecast submitted and processed before November 1 will be considered to have missed the statutory deadline.  As you know, the forecast consists of two parts – the financials (QF) and the notes/ assumptions (QN) – and your EMIS forecast submission must contain both.  The financial portion is submitted via EMIS exclusively, but there are options for the notes portion.  The notes may be typed directly in the QN section or submitted as a separate PDF.  In previous years Sonja Hunter received Forecast Notes however she no longer works for ODE and no replacement has been named.  If and when we are given more information we will pass it along. 

Community schools should not submit forecasts through EMIS.  Instead, the five-year forecast must be reviewed and approved by the school’s governing authority then submitted to the Office of Community Schools in Excel format by the October 31st deadline.  Community school five-year forecast submissions and/or questions should be directed to Mary.Cotton[at]education.ohio[dot]gov.

NEOnet will continue to submit forecasts for you if you wish.  Please email the fiscal team your forecast and notes at fiscal[at]neonet[dot]org as soon as your forecast is ready for submission. 


State Software Redesign

At the OEDSA conference Dave Smith discussed the USAS and USPS redesign time-tables.  Dave started off stating that the projects are “closer to the end that the beginning”.  He said this jokingly however followed up by saying that he thinks they will begin testing of the redesigned systems in the Spring/Summer which could mean rollout of them during Summer/Fall.     


Meeting Reminders

The NEOnet Assembly Meeting is November 3rd at 10:00. 

The next Treasurers Operating Committee meeting is Thursday December 18th, August 21st from 12:00 to 2:00.

The next Insurance Committee Meeting is January, 29th 2015 at 1:30.


Fiscal Update