Meeting Reminders:

The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday November 2nd, 2017 at 9:00am. 



The Lightspeed filter RFQ’s have been distributed to the vendors we felt could meet the needs of our consortium.  The review of the RFQ submissions will take place in November along with the presentations from each solution provider.  Once we have chosen a potential candidate, the next step is to implement a proof of concept at a few of our districts who are willing to volunteer the time and commitment to making the new solution work.  The POC will take us into the New Year while we work through any issues.  If there are no issues we can’t overcome or work around, the vendor will be awarded the bid and implementation will take place at the end of the school year.  If the solution just doesn’t fit our needs, we will move to a POC with the next solution we felt was the closest to meeting our needs and the process would repeat.  The goal of the subcommittee is look at cloud hosting as our primary goal for the new filtering solution.  This will eliminate the need for local hardware and offers up some flexibility for additional redundancy inside our network.  If a suitable cloud solution cannot be found, then local inline filtering would be our continued preference.  We will be setting our next meeting to review all the RFQ submissions at the next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting.


Ransom Attack Warning

We recently forwarded on the Ransom Attack Warning issued by the USDOE, but I wanted to pass this along with some additional details on how NEOnet helps protect your data.  We use industry best practices to SSL encryption all our applications that contain sensitive data.  We Firewall off our applications only allowing the specific ports required and every server has antivirus installed running alongside a secondary firewall on the server itself.  All applications are backed up regularly and replicated offsite so we have multiple copies if we should ever be in a disaster recovery situation.  We also physically control access to all our data centers with logged access and video surveillance (coming soon to the DR site).  All that being said, these points of access aren’t likely where an attack on your data will be coming from.  Most attackers focus tricking the end user into providing their username and password.  These phishing schemes are sometimes very clever and look legitimate to the end user.  To help combat this threat, NEOnet has partnered with the MCOECN to provide access to an end user training and testing tool called KnowB4.  KnowB4 allows your district to provide quality security end user training and launch targeted phishing campaigns to help identify users who need additional training.  By strengthening the awareness of the end user, you significantly increase the security of your sensitive data.  If you have any questions about the measures NEOnet takes to help secure our customer’s data or would like additional information on KnowB4, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Technology Update