All training will be held in the NEOnet Lab (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links:

11/9/16- Leveraging Excel to Verify EMIS Data 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
11/9/16- DASL/EMIS Open Lab 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
11/11/16- EMIS & USPS Connection 9:00 AM Room B
11/17/16- How a teacher uses Gradebook 8:30 -10:00
11/18/16- DASL Ad Hoc Reporting Tool 9:00- 11:00
11/18/16- DASL/EMIS Open Lab  1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

DASL (Student Information) Update
Quick print student transcript, schedule card, and report card
In the past releases, DASL now gives the opportunity for users to have one-click access to a student’s report card, transcript, and schedules. Along with creating load settings to get these to show up in the “I want to…” dropdown, your users will also need their secuirty adjusted. For access, they must have Extra Permissions >SIS> Print Student Schedule, View Student Transcript, and/or View Student Report Cards green lighted.


If you have any questions on Load Setting requirements please reference the September roundtable documents or contact studenthelp[at]neonet[dot]org

EMIS Update:

EMIS Supplementary Graduation Rate Data Submission Forms due Nov. 8
Beginning Thursday, Oct. 27 through Tuesday, Nov. 8, superintendents of community schools as well as traditional, joint vocational and STEM districts may submit EMIS Supplementary Graduation Rate Data Submission Forms for the graduating classes of 2015 and 2016. The 2016-2017 Ohio School Report Cards will include both the Four-Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate for the graduating class of 2016 and the Five-Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate for the graduating class of 2015. The report card will display both rates, which are part of the accountability calculations.

Adjustments for reporting errors and other record-keeping mistakes, such as misreporting a student’s withdrawal code, cannot be corrected using the supplementary data submission form. To correct these errors, districts should follow the instructions for the FY2016 Graduation Appeals

FY2016 Graduation Appeals Oct. 24 – Nov. 10

The FY16G Reporting window closed Friday, October 21st and the FY16 Grad Appeals window opened October 24th and will close November 10, 2016.  During this window district have the opportunity to submit appeal on issues such as the Reporting of Diplomas, Students in the Correct Cohort, Prep for Success data and Supplemental Withdrawal Reason. 

Reminder, the Prep for Success reports are included under the ‘File’ tab in Data Collector. If CORE summary records were not reported, an appeal may need to be submitted since these records are used with the Prep for Success piece.

Funding Update

Data was pulled October 22nd for the November #1 payment.  The #1 payment goes out to districts the first Friday of November.  ODE will be pulling data approximately every two weeks and is working on a snap shot report that includes date pulled on the snapshot date. These reports will be under the ‘Files’ tab. 

ProgressBook GradeBook Update 

Extra Credit Assignments

1. Add an assignment and use the words Extra Credit as part of the description.

2. Make the total points for the assignment 0, so any student that chooses not to participate will not be penalized.

3. Select the Assignment Type:

 a.  The Assignment Type will not matter if you are using a Straight Average as your Calculation Method for your grade book.

b.    If you are using a Weighted Average as your Calculation Method for your Assignment Types, think carefully about which Assignment Type you choose. Do not create an Extra Credit Assignment Type if you are weighting your assignment type because the overall points for the Assignment Type will be 0. Any points that students would earn in this Extra Credit Assignment Type would not be recognized when averaging due to the 0 denominator. For example, it would be thought of 25 out of 0 or 25/0.

4. All marks given for an Extra Credit assignment with the total Points of 0 will display in red because the mark given will be more than the total Points for the assignment.

Additional Comments

Extra Credit can also be given to student s by giving a mark that is higher than the total Points possible for a particular assignment. For example, if an assignment is worth 20 points, a student can be given a mark higher than 20 such as 25, which will then count as 5 extra credit points. The 25 will display in red because it is more than the total Points for the assignment, but in this case, you would allow the extra credit.


Special Services Update

Copy Task Info Tool
The Copy Task Info Tool can be used to copy data from any Open or Completed Task for an individual student.  This is especially helpful in copying data from the ETR to the IEP.  To access the Copy Info Tool:

  1. With a form open on the page edit screen, click in the field to which you want to copy information.

  2. If the side panel is not displaying, click QTM_icon00013.pngto open the task menu. (Located in the upper left before Page Name)

  3. In the Copy Task Info area, in the Task drop-down list, select the task from which you want to copy information.

  4. In the Page drop-down list, select the page from which you want to copy information.If information is available to copy, links display beneath the drop-down lists.

  5. Optional: Click to preview the available information.

  6. Click the link for the task information you want to copy.

  7. The information displays in the fields to which you copied it.

Student Services Update