October 2015 Treasurer’s Update


Period H Wrap Up

Period H data submission for FY15 officially ended September 30th but was extended to October 2nd.  All NEOnet districts met the submission requirements. 


5 Yr Forecast Submission Period

Reporting period P for 5 Year Forecast submission is now open and will run through October 31st.   Any district that does not have a forecast submitted and processed before November 1 will be considered to have missed the statutory deadline. 


As you know, each forecast consists of two parts – the financials (QF) and the notes/assumptions (QN) and your EMIS forecast submission must contain both.  The submission method has evolved from submission via EMISFF in Reflections to submission via EMISFFE on the web.  EMISFFE is much easier to use but still has a limitation when it comes to the Notes/Assumptions submission.  Because the program converts the files into flat files most of the formatting is lost and the notes end up looking like one continuous paragraph.  The notes do however appear directly below the 5 Year Forecast on ODE’s website when the district is queried for. 


If you would rather see a pdf image of your notes on ODE’s website there is another submission option for notes.  The notes should be converted to a PDF document and must have the following naming convention: District_Name-IRN where all parts of the district’s name are separated with an underscore, followed by a dash, then the six-digit IRN.  For example, Newton Falls Exempted Village School District would be named Newton_Falls-045567 and Newton Local would be Newton-048637.


Please note that when the notes are submitted in pdf format to ODE, they will not appear directly below the Financial Forecast when the district is queried for.  Instead, a link is posted that the user needs to copy and then follow to get to the pdf version. 


Community schools should not submit forecasts through EMIS.  Instead, the five-year forecast must be reviewed and approved by the school’s governing authority then submitted to the Office of Community Schools in Excel format by the October 31st deadline.  Community school five-year forecast submissions and/or questions should be directed to Mary.Cotton[at]education.ohio[dot]gov.


NEOnet will continue to submit forecasts for you if you wish.  Please email the fiscal team your forecast and notes at fiscal[at]neonet[dot]org as soon as your forecast is ready for submission. 


Alternative Software RFP-ITQ

Three day long fiscal software demonstrations will be conducted at NEOnet by potential vendors Wednesday, November 4 through Friday, November 6.  The vendor selected will be MCOECN’s preferred provider for an alternative fiscal software program.  The demonstrations will be conducted in a facility in Columbus and NEOnet will be hosting a live feed video.  We are asking for volunteers to participate from interested school districts.  If you would like to participate please contact Matt Gdovin, Executive Director or Wayne Bowers, Fiscal Officer.


State Software Redesign

Below is a link to a short video of the USAS redesign project.  It demonstrates the modern look and functionality of the new program. 






October 20th, Fiscal Open Lab – All Day by Appointment

October 21st, Finance Committee Meeting @ 10:00

October 21st, Treasurers Operating Committee Meeting @12:00

October 23rd, 5 County OASBO Meeting @ 12:00

November 2nd, Board of Directors Meeting @ 9:00

November 2nd, Assembly Meeting @ 10:00

November 17th, Open Lab


Fiscal Update