NEOnet Fiscal Conversion Progress

The NEOnet district fiscal software conversions are going strong! Within the last month, we have had Coventry, Norton and Woodridge go live on Redesign. Below is the current status of fiscal software conversions for NEOnet districts:


Five-Year Forecast Reminder

The Five-Year Forecast reporting period is open now through November 30th. If you would like NEOnet to submit your forecast and notes on your behalf, please email us at fiscalhelp[at]neonet[dot]org.


New 1099-NEC Forms for 2020

You may have heard that the IRS has changed the reporting process for 1099 Non-Employee Compensation from the 1099-MISC to the new 1099-NEC. Instructions on which form to use when reporting payments are below and can be found on the IRS website (

NEOnet has ordered the new 1099-NEC in order to print these for our districts. We will have more information on the changes within eFinancePLUS, Classic State Software and USPS-R at our Calendar Year-End meetings December. For more information from the IRS on this new form, visit


Upcoming Meetings and Trainings – all are done via Webex

10/21/20          9:30 am          USxS-R Office Hours

10/21/20         12:00 pm         Treasurer’s Operating Committee

10/27/20          9:00 am          Fiscal Open Lab

10/29/20          9:00 am          Classic State Software – EMIS discussion       

11/04/20          9:00 am          USxS-R Office Hours

Fiscal Update