NEOnet Assembly

One of the strengths of NEOnet is that we are owned by the School District’s Board of Education and operated by the Superintendents of these school districts.   The Superintendents from each of the member districts make up the NEOnet Assembly.   The NEOnet Agreement specifies the powers and duties of the Assembly.   The Assembly meets twice a year in November and May.   The next Assembly meeting is scheduled for November 7, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.    In order to conduct business a majority of the members must be present.   I completely understand that you are all very busy but these two meetings are the most important and your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated.  I hope you will add this meeting to your calendars. 

The agenda for the November 7, 2016 meeting will be sent on October 31, 2016.  The agenda for the upcoming meeting will include the following recommendations for approval:

  • to fill the vacant seat on the Board of Directors

  • the FY17 amended appropriations which includes an $115,000 upgrade to your disaster recovery site at Tallmadge High School

  • the estimated FY18 Appropriations

  • the estimated FY18 Fees

I am delighted to make the recommendation to accept Wadsworth City Schools into the council.  Lastly and most importantly this will be the ninth year without the need to raise rates.  

ProgressBook Mobile App for Administrators

Announcing the newly released ProgressBook Mobile App for Administrators! This first version of the app allows for administrators who are on the go to access essential data while away from their desks.

The mobile app allows the administrator to:

  • Search for student(s) that exist in the administrator’s school district.

  • View a student’s picture and important profile information.

  • View the student’s contact information including call and email initiation.

  • View the student’s current course schedule.

  • View the student’s recent attendance history.

  • View the student’s course grades throughout the school year.

The link below explains the features and step by step instructions on how to use the Mobile App.   The mobile app is available to Download from Apple iTunes or the Google Play store.

Video Conferencing

We are in the process of implementing a new video collaboration design that will allow teachers to utilize video in a simple and easy to support environment, removing the obstacles that used to prevent video from being used in the classroom. The devices no longer have to be expensive rooms with purpose built technology. The goal is easy video conferencing from any device such as a phone, tablet or complete video endpoint. With technologies like Cisco WebEx and TMS, we are going to remove the barriers of collaboration and increase the platform of education available to students.


Security is a major initiative for NEOnet in the 16/17 school year. With our new firewalls in place, we now have the infrastructure to add additional software features to improve our proactive monitoring of security. We will spend the next several months working directly with Cisco to put together a comprehensive security plan for the future and putting budget in place to support that initiative. The focus will be on securing the end point devices that are on the network and removing existing threats with extensive monitoring and reporting. Our biggest ally in this fight will be our customers, so we will look to you to support our efforts. Infected hosts can be identified with reporting and monitoring, but only the support team with access to those devices can remediate issues. Together we look forward to providing a more secure and efficient network to support student education.

Legal Presentation

Walter | Haverfield LLP will be presenting prior to the Technology Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday November 3rd starting at 9am. Their presentation will address Legal Rights and Responsibilities in the Growing Digital World of Our Public Schools.  From a big picture perspective, the presentation will address a variety of legal issues and problems that arise from technology in the public school setting, including an overview of copyrights, trademarks, and patents and how to recognize them; the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Dangerous Apps used by students and others in and around the schools, and technology-related impacts of the ESSA.  You are all welcome to attend.  

Articles of the Month

“Banning Laptops Is Not the Answer” by James Lang in The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 7, 2016 (Vol. LXIII, #6, p. A30-31),; Lang can be reached at lang[at]assumption[dot]edu.

“The Informational Significance of A-F School Accountability Grades” by Curt Adams, Patrick Forsyth, Jordan Ware, and Mwarumba Mwavita in Teachers College Record, July 2016 (Vol. 118, #7, p. 1-31),

Upcoming Meetings

  • Technology Advisory Committee – November 3, 2016 at noon

  • Assembly Meeting – November 7, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

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