BookFlix Mini Module

BookFlix is the best.  There, I’ve said it.  The excellent collection of Fiction and Non Fiction titles and the engaging videos make BookFlix a real treasure.  Not surprisingly, BookFlix is INFOhio’s most popular and most used electronic resource.  

Now, there is even more reason to love BookFlix.  INFOhio wants BookFlix to be even easier to use in the classroom.  To that end, INFOhio has created a great new website dedicated to using BookFlix.  INFOhio’s BookFlix Mini Module is full of helpful tips, tricks and advice. There are training modules, how to Teach with BookFlix, how to share with Parents, and more ideas and help focusing on using BookFlix with students.  If you are new to BookFlix or use it frequently, the BookFlix Mini Module will be sure to have information you’ll find useful.


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