Meeting Reminders:

The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday December 7th, 2017 at 9:00am. 



The Lightspeed upgrade is complete and we are now running the latest version.  There seemed to be very few issues with the upgrade and the new interface is pretty intuitive.  The one very prominent change in the user interface is the need to deploy any changes you have made before they are active.  I f you don’t deploy the changes, they are not active and you will not get the filtering results you are expecting.  I have included a screen shot below:

Denial of Service Attacks

We have recently seen a resurgence of Denial of Service Attack.  These DDoS attacks are difficult to stop in that they use UDP traffic that schools rely on every day to provide content to the students.  NEOnet has done a couple of things to help reduce the effects of future attacks.  Quite a bit of time had passed since our last attack, so we have in turn update our incident response document so that more individuals on the technical team can take action in the event of an attack.  We have also began developing a per district policy that will limit the amount of UDP traffic a customer can use.  This level is being set high enough so that legitimate traffic will not be affected, but low enough that when an active attack is present, NEOnet has time to respond before it affects all our customers.  We are also in talks with both our ISPs to provide some additional DDoS mitigation services before the traffic arrives here at NEOnet, but this is more of a long term solution.  We will continue to work on our strategy and to keep the consortium updated in our progress.


Technology Update