New Deadlines for Filing W2 Copies – IMPORTANT

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, enabled last December includes a new requirement for employers. They are now required to file their copies of Form W-2 to the Social Security Administration by January 21.  In light of this change, NEOnet would like to receive district W-2 tapes by January 13, at the latest, to ensure proper submission time.


OSDI Abbreviations

The Ohio Department of Taxation has made a change to the OSDI (Ohio School District Income) code reporting on W-2s.  For those cities who have an income tax and a school district income tax withheld, the city name was appearing twice on the W2 and caused confusion when taxpayers were reporting withholding on their income tax returns.

How do you fix it?  ODT is asking for an obvious segregation on the W-2s by listing the four digit school district number followed by the district name in box 20.  For example: The OSDI code would be 1234STOW and city code would show as STOW.  This can be done in the DEDNAM record in USPSDAT. The OSDI code number and district name in the W2 abbrev field in USPSDAT on the DEDNAM record. This is done to differentiate from any city taxes that are paid.


EMIS/USPS Connection Feedback

NEOnet had an overwhelming response to our EMIS/USPS Connection training.  There were 51 attendees from 26 districts for this all-day meeting between EMIS coordinators and payroll staff.  Overall, we believe this training was worthwhile for those who attended, however we realize there were a few areas we could have expanded upon. We will incorporate all of the suggestions/feedback we received into future trainings.


New Fiscal Employee

NEOnet has recently hired Nancy Lamos as our new Fiscal Services Support Liaison.  Nancy comes to us from Canton City Schools where she was a State and Federal Grant Manager/Title One Coordinator for 7 years.  Nancy also has extensive training experience.  Her primary responsibility at NEOnet will be training and supporting users for eFinancePlus.


Meeting Reminders

12/02/16 – 9 am – USPS Calendar Year End

12/09/16 – 9 am – USAS Calendar Year End

12/20/16 – 9 am – Fiscal Open Lab


Fiscal Update