Have you heard all the buzz about Book Nook, a new INFOhio tool to showcase student created book trailers? Book Nook is a vetted site, where all submissions are reviewed by INFOhio staff and all the resources have been evaluated and hand picked by INFOhio.  INFOhio reviews each Book Nook submissions within five days using the Book Nook rubric. And it's easy to submit!  We are looking for book trailer submissions created for students by students.  Students can record themselves talking about the book and use Animoto, Windows Movie Maker, iMove or another tool to create a trailer using images, text, music, and more.  

For more information and online tools to create trailers, please see the For Students or For Teachers area in Book Nook at booknook.infohio.org . We are excited to see what your students create! 

Please use the For Teachers video promo created using Animoto to get your teachers excited about Book Nook. There is also a For Students video promo created using Animoto to get your students excited. Feel free to post these on your website and/or social media, email to staff, or play throughout your school.  



Hudson City Schools FOCUS program at Media Services Advisory Meeting

Dr. Kim Cockley, a principal from Hudson City Schools presented at the November Media Services Advisory Meeting as the featured professional development speaker.  Hudson Middle School implemented a thirty minute daily enrichment/intervention period several years ago. One component of this period is students and teachers pleasure reading as part of a focus on literacy in order to develop lifelong readers. The program was developed and is operated with guidance from “The Book Whisperer”, by Donalyn Miller. Faculty and student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as those who previously did not have the time or inclination to read have become passionate advocates. Library circulation is up and students are constantly recommending authors and titles to their peers. For more information on the FOCUS program, visit Hudson Middle School’s library website at http://hcsdtemp.schoolwires.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=3650

Citation Guide 

Technology makes it easy to copy and share ideas and information. Learn how to maintain academic integrity while you are doing your research. When you use outside sources for a project, you're expected to cite them. If you don't, it's considered plagiarism. Your sources could be books, primary source documents, magazines or newspapers articles, or encyclopedia articles, but they may also include videos video, images, audio recordings, or websites. You must cite them in order to:

  1. Give credit to those whose work you've used.
  2. Establish that you've used authoritative sources in your research.
  3. Allow your readers to find your sources.

Many INFOhio resources have citation helpers. When you select a book or article, look for a link labeled Cite/Citation/Citing and click it to get a rough draft of a citation that you can copy and paste into your Works Cited list, References, or Bibliography. INFOhio has created an entire Libguide on the topic of properly citing sources. You can view the citation guides, resource on plagerism and how to properly evaluate sources at http://libguides.infohio.org/citation.



Librarian's Update