Meeting Reminders:
The next Technology Advisory Committee Meeting is Thursday December 5th, 2013 at 9:00am.  

Internet Speed Update
As discussed at previous Technology Advisory Committee Meetings, NEOnet is in the process of adding 600mbit of additional bandwidth on our Time Warner circuit bringing our total internet bandwidth to 2Gbit. Both circuits will be at the same bandwidth level and load balanced as closely as possible to ensure utilization on both circuits. The Time Warner internet circuit is delivered over a 10G circuit so adding additional bandwidth down the road will be much easier now that we have negotiated a new contract. The OARnet circuit will be moved to 10G at the end of the year so that additional bandwidth can be purchased on that circuit as well. Currently the OARnet circuit is maxed out at 1Gbit and is running into congestion issues. We will closely monitor bandwidth utilization after this upgrade is complete and will add additional bandwidth as necessary. We do not yet have an installation date for the new bandwidth, but we notify the group via email once we know when it will be in place.

Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 11 has started auto updating on windows 7 and comes native with windows 8.1. We have been informed of some issues with iManage and Outlook Web Access. Potentially other applications could be affected as well, so please use discretion in approving updates if you maintain a Windows update server. For those of you that do not maintain a Windows update server or are already deploying IE 11, the work around for these issues is to put the affected application into compatibility mode. In addition, IE 8 will no longer be supported in Progress Book Suite Products. Please plan accordingly to upgrade these clients before March of 2013. If you are running XP, IE 9 or later is not an available upgrade path so current versions of Firefox or Chrome will be the only alternative. If you have any questions on this or need additional details please contact helpdesk[at]neonet[dot]org.

Network Outage
NEOnet will be conducting a feature card upgrade to our core switch during our normal maintenance window on December 4th 2013 from 10:00 to 11:00pm. This maintenance window will impact all NEOnet services during this outage. While our core switch is fully redundant and hot swappable, this particular feature card upgrade cannot be done while the switch is in service. Please mark your calendars and remind your staff. I will send out an additional reminder on the morning of the maintenance date. As always, please feel free to contact zolla[at]neonet[dot]org with any questions or concerns.

Technology Update