Closing out inventory

As you finish up end of year tasks, don’t forget to close out your inventory! Once you complete Steps 1 through 5 of inventory, decide when you’d like NEOnet to delete your missing items. Some districts wait until the beginning of the following school year, others prefer to completely close the process before leaving for the summer. If you’re waiting until the 2017-18 school year, consider setting a calendar reminder. Remember that it’s important to finalize your inventory sooner rather than later so your collection is up to date and nothing interferes with the following year’s inventory. Call 330.926.3900 x601160 or email libraryhelp[at]neonet[dot]org to discuss when you’d like your inventory finalized.

End of Year or Summer Educational Websites

Recently JC Williams, Technology Integration Specialist at NEOnet, published a new blog that included some fun websites to keep your students engaged the last week of school or possibly during the summer! Below is the blog and the ten websites broken down by Elementary, Middle, and High School levels.

The year is coming to a close this week and I wanted to share with you ten different ways you can use technology on the last day of school while engaging your students in learning. All of these resources are easy to use and your students will figure them out in a matter of minutes. Most the resources below are accessible on any device via a web browser, but some might have plug in requirements. Please try these sites and resources on multiple web browsers. Google Chrome is not always the best browser! Firefox can handle many sites that Chrome cannot. So be sure to have both installed on all your devices!

Elementary Years

  1. Math Mine – This probably the single most addicting game that I have introduced to my students in the past. Not only is it fun and challenging, but it asks your students to do math along the way! Try it out for yourself and see if you can get all the gems. All you have to do is create correct equations. There is also a similar game called Word Mine that is the same concept but with spelling words.
  2. Hooda Math – If you haven’t already heard of this game site, then get out of your cave. This was the most popular game site for my students for the past 4 years. It combines all types of games with a common theme, math! Try it and let your students explore.
  3. ABCYA – Another must have for your students. ABCYA is a great website for grades K-5. All of the games offer a similar user interface and are great for the last day of class when you don’t really feel like going into new concepts!

Middle Years

  1. Hour of Code – This “hour of code” site allows your students to play Angry Birds and code at the same time. This website has an easy, block style, coding interface that always your students to catch on quick and learn some important skills.
  2. Light Bot Coding – This website is very similar to the last one, but with robots instead of angry birds. It offers a different way to look at coding with blocks and is a very thought provoking game. Your students will not want to leave for break after playing this game.
  3. – You might be thinking that your students do not like to type, but with this website, you can turn the mundane into excitement. This website allows your students to keep stats, play games, and challenge each other on the way to better typing skills.

High School Years

  1. Google Expeditions – If you students have personal devices or even iPads, this app will allow you to take your students of a guided tour of any location in the world. Download the app and give it a try!
  2. Google Earth – The updated version of Google Earth is definitely worth some time. Most major areas have been updated to an extremely high resolution for 2017. Google Earth is for getting lost in the world.
  3. MIT App Inventor – This site will allow you to make simple Android Apps for you to test out and publish to the app store. You can use simple block style coding to figure out a world of app expertise.

Any Grade

Scratch – Any grade would love to code on the last day of school. Let them log on to Scratch’s website and they can start playing games, creating games, modifiying games, and more with the ease of block code

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