5 Year Forecast Submissions

Reporting period P for the Required Spring Update of the Five Year Forecast for FY15 ended Sunday May 31st.  All of our consortium’s forecasts were submitted before the deadline.  For those of you that sent in your forecast notes on your own instead of having NEOnet load them in, ODE has once again changed the person that those notes are to be sent to.  For this period PDF assumptions/notes should be e-mailed to shonta.cade[at]education.ohio[dot]gov.  ODE announced this change May 26th.  

The notes should be converted to a PDF document and must have the following naming convention: District_Name-IRN where all parts of the district’s name are separated with an underscore, followed by a dash, then the six-digit IRN.   For example, Newton Falls Exempted Village School District would be named Newton_Falls-045567 and Newton Local would be Newton-048637.


Fiscal Year End USPS and USAS Meetings

The Fiscal Year End USPS and USAS Meetings June 5th and June 19th at 9:00 respectively.  All consortium members that utilize USPS and or USAS to complete their daily functions would benefit from attendance at these meetings.  The meetings generally last 2 hours covering year end closing procedures.  It is a perfect opportunity for staff to network with their colleagues.  The meetings also end with a question and answer session where current hot topics can be discussed.  If needed, CEUs are available for the meetings. 


June 15th State Software Release

SSDT will not be distributing a full June release of state software.  After reviewing the completed changes it was determined a full release was not necessary.

On the USPS side of things our main classic USPS focus has been rewriting the SERS reporting service to comply with the new per pay reporting method. SERS had initially projected this to go live in July, however they have since deferred this. They have not set a definitive new date, but we will keep you posted as this develops.

We will be release a few minor enhancements and bug fixes via OECN_OOPS, however none of these are required for fiscal year end closing.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank You,


Matt Calmes

USPS Systems Analyst SSDT




The following is an email update received concerning the account validation program VALACT used to check the legitimacy of account coding being used…  

An updated version of the VALACT program is now available in OECN_OOPS.

The OPU warnings that were added last fall that are based on the chart from the Expenditure Record chapter of the EMIS guide were corrected to generate a warning if the IRN related to the OPU is the district IRN.  The prior version only generated a warning if the OPU was zero.

In addition, the OPU warnings will only be generated for traditional districts that have more than 1 building represented in their OPU master file.  The OPU warnings will not be generated for ESC’s, Career Centers, Community Schools or any other entities that are not either a City, Local, or Exempted Village district type.

We will be covering the VALACT program and these warnings in more detail at the fiscal year-end webinar Tuesday, but wanted to get you the updated version as quickly as possible.  We recommend you install this patch for your users as soon as possible using the normal patch process.



Melissa Diemer

USAS/EIS Systems Analyst, State Software Development Team (SSDT)

NW Ohio Computer Association (NWOCA)

Phone: (419) 267-2536

Fax:   (419) 267-5248

Email: diemer[at]nwoca[dot]org


USAS team contact information:


1-800-472-5475 ext. 2809



Meeting Reminders

June 5th at 9:00 – USPS Yr End Meeting

June 16th – Open Lab by appointment

June 19th at 9:00 – USAS Yr End Meeting


Fiscal Update