Fiscal Software Migration Update

Below are the latest stats on the progress of the fiscal software migrations:


Cash Account Clean-up for Redesign

As the fiscal team has been migrating districts from Classic State Software to Redesign, we have found a few tips to help smooth the process along.  Cleaning up your cash accounts now will save a lot of time when we are trying to balance your databases.

There is a difference between how Classic and Redesign handle inactive Cash Accounts. In Classic when a Cash Account is flagged as inactive all associated Appropriation, Expenditure and Revenue accounts are also classified as inactive and will not pull into a report where inactive accounts are excluded.

If you review the associated accounts you will find that the Active/Inactive flag indicates the account is still active, however according to Classic it is inactive since the Cash Account is inactive.

When we run an APPSUM and exclude inactive accounts you’ll see that inactive Cash Account prevents the Appropriation from appearing on the report.

With the migration from Classic to Redesign the flags on the Cash and Appropriation accounts come across to Redesign as they are set in Classic. Therefore, when running the SSDT Appropriation Summary report and excluding inactive accounts in Redesign we see that even though the Cash Account is inactive it still appears on the Appropriation report since the Appropriation account is still active.

What can you do? When you are inactivating Cash Accounts it would be helpful if you took the extra step to inactivate all associated accounts. If you need assistance to do this with a load through USALOAD > ACCLOAD please contact nash[at]neonet[dot]org

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