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All trainings are currently being held Webinar. Please look for the connection details on the calendar appointment or reach out to us.
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3/25/21- DASL Batch Scheduler 9:00 AM
3/26/21 EMIS Alliance SSID Workshop 9:00 AM
4/15/21 Gradebook Roundtable 9:00 AM
4/15/21 DASL Roundtable 10:00 AM
4/15/21 DataMap Roundtable 1:00 PM
4/22/21 DASL Elementary Scheduling 9 AM
**Several more FinalForms trainings have been announced through July. You can get more information on our calendar page

DASL (Student Information) Update
With the 21/22 school year quickly approaching below are some important reminders in SIS:

SYI, Calendar, and Promotion

  • This year districts can complete their 21/22 calendar and School Year Initialization process by either requesting NEOnet to complete the tasks, or process the steps their own. A video to walk you through the steps can be located here if you choose to do it on your own:
  • Even if you have already completed SYI and promotion, remember to continue to repeat the process to ensure newly enrolled students move up to 21/22. In addition, students who have withdrawn from 20/21 need to be removed from 21/22.




Did you know?  Many assessments are easily imported directly from StudentInformation to DataMap?  Assessments from StudentInformation can be imported at any time without the worry of data being duplicated and ensures the data in DataMap is up-to-date!  Several assessments are imported directly from StudentInformation:  OST, AASCD, ACT, AP, ELA, ELPA21, KRA, OCTCA, OELPA, PSAT, SAT-Reasoning, SAT-Subject, and WorkKeys.  If you are unsure if you missed updating a prior year?  No problem, select the prior School Year and Import!  It only takes a few seconds per assessment and again, no need to worry about data being duplicated and now your assessments are up-to-date.

Don’t miss the next DataMap Roundtable, Thursday, April 15th at 1:00pm.  Register here today:

I look forward to seeing everyone!



EMIS Update:
Roster Verification -

EMIS Coordinators are currently working with NEOnet preparing files that include the data for loading to Roster Verification.

Roster verification is the process that facilitates validation of which teacher teaches what subject to which students in support of value-added student growth measures. Roster verification directly involves educators in the process that assigns instructional responsibility for the students they teach.

During March, ITC’s work with MCOECN to then load the data to pre-populate Link.  2021 Roster Verification Deadline for uploading Data Files is Tuesday, March 23, 2021.

March 30 – April 13 - School Set-Up Period

April 14 – May 4 - Teacher Linkage Period to verify the data and assign the percentage of instruction they provide for each student.

May 5 – May 21 - Principal Review and Approval Period


Grad Cohort 2024

Students entering 9th grade in 20-21 will be in the 2024 grad cohort. Verify the student data by downloading the level 2 report Grad-002. Note that any student entering 9th grade reported after October 1 will be assigned to the 2024 cohort next year. For students that have transferred in, verify the fiscal year student began 9th grade in the Grad Cohort tab in ODDEX.


Grad Cohort 2021

Received Files coming in April. Verify each students points in each file if applicable. All students are in every file but not all students will have data in each file. Make sure each student is on a pathway and troubleshoot the students that have not met a pathway.

  • 2021_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Asmnt_Detail
  • End of Course Only Points, highest used
  • 2021_GRAD_Cohort-Non-EOC-Pts-Detail
  • AP, IB, IEP exemptions, EOC substitutes
  • 2021_GRAD_Cohort-EOC-Path-Req-Stat
  • Highest points earned by subject
  • Final pathway determination
  • Out-of-state transfers
  • 2021_GRAD_Cohort_SAT-ACT_Path_Req_stat
  • Dates and scores of ACT and SAT
  • Remediation-free determination
  • Final pathway determination
  • 2021_GRAD_Cohort_WK-IndCred_Path_Req_stat
  • Total credential points earned
  • Highest score on Workkeys assessment
  • Final pathway determination



New Report Cards and Report Card Revisions for the 2021-2022 School Year:

It is never too early to think about elementary report card revisions for the upcoming school year.  Changes including Attendance Hours and other changes to your elementary report cards, you may consider beginning the process now.  The NEOnet report card policy is posted on our website, Services, ProgressBook, ProgressBook documentation, NEOnet Report Card Policy. 

Please share this information with the appropriate people in your district.


Special Services

Special Services has had several updates recently and highlights include:


  • All grid columns are the appropriate width on the print preview.


  • On the IEP Extended Services form the “collect further data and reconvene” question displays regardless of whether you select Yes or No for the “ESY services” question so that the IEP team can indicate that they want to reconvene at a later date even if ESY services are deemed unnecessary.





Student Services Update