INFOhio Needs Your Help! Please Share Your Story!

INFOhio received disappointing news regarding the proposed FY18-19 biennium budget.  Their $1.1 million for digital content was not restored to the FY14-15 budget level.  This $1.1 million goes directly for content to all Ohio schools - public, private, charter, e-school and home school.

Here’s how you can help!

Join their advocacy campaign to request that the $1.1 million for digital content be restored to bring INFOhio back to FY14-15 budget levels by completing three easy steps:

  • Update your administrators.
  • Contact your legislators.  
  • Organize others to contact their legislators.Find My Legislators search feature on the INFOhio advocacy page.

Not sure what to say? 

Take a look at their message starters to help you get the ball rolling, but be sure to follow it up with your own story! It’s important that you share how you are using these digital resources with your students and the impact these resources have on student learning. Yours are the stories everyone wants to hear!

Research Made Easy with ISearch!

Created by EBSCO, "Research Made Easy with ISearch” is a brief video that walks the viewer through the benefits of using ISearch. The video highlights ISearch’s:

  • Reliable sources including books, articles, journals, video, and STEM results
  • Time-saving efficiency
  • Read-aloud feature
  • Research starter with background information and related links

Appropriate to use with students, faculty, and parents, “Research Made Easy with ISearch” makes it clear that ISearch is not only reliable, but easy to use, allowing students to search multiple databases with just one click!


Chromebook Tricks and Tips

Has your school gone 1 to 1 with Chromebooks? Are you frantically trying to learn the basics of the Chromebook? We all had these feelings when our schools got our first Chromebooks. Sometimes the best way to adjust to a new device to just play around with it. Sometimes this is easier said than done, especially with a district device. Below, I have list some of my favorite Chromebook shortcuts, hacks, and tricks to make your life with the Chromebook just a little bit easier. Check out some of some great Chromebook tricks that you can use to make your Chromebook experience more efficient!

  1. Right click! Use two fingers on the track pad and click/tap or hold “alt” and click.
  2. Customize your Shelf. Be sure to pin your favorite programs to the shelf so you can access things fast. Go to the Circle in the lower left corner of the screen and find your apps, right click and select pin to shelf.
  3. Screenshot. You can take a screen shot and a screen selection with a simple keyboard shortcut.
    Screen Shot: Ctrl plus multiscreen button        Select your capture: Ctrl plus Shift plus multiscreen button 
  4. Change your keyboard button assignments. In the settings menu, find device settings and click on Keyboard Settings. You can now change some of the button assignments on your keyboard.
  5. Show all the keyboard shortcuts. Hold Ctrl, Alt, and the question mark. This will show you all of the valuable shortcuts that the Chromebook has to offer. Some are very useful!
  6. Where is the delete button! Well, if you just hold Alt and press backspace and this will give you same effect as pressing delete.
  7. Use the circle in the bottom left corner to do simple math and ask Google anything!
  8. Be sure to utilize Chrome Extensions as the app store for your Google Chrome browser. Chrome extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store.
  9. Say Ok Google with a new tab open to access Google’s powerful voice search function. Be sure that the function is turned on in the Search section of the Settings menu.
  10. You can use it without an internet connection! Yes, just make sure you have enabled this feature in the settings bar. It is as easy as that. Then you can work without the internet. All the changes you made will sync as soon as you reestablish the connection! Go to Google Drive and click on the gear icon and click Settings. Then check the box labelled “Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings files to this computer” next to the Offline header.


Upcoming User Meetings and Trainings

All training will be held at NEOnet (unless otherwise stated) Please sign up using our calendar links:

April 10, 8:30am      Library Inventory
April 12, 1:00pm      Technology Integration Advisory Committee
April 19, 10:00am    Google Lit Trips in the Language Arts Classroom
April 24, 2:00pm      Google Forms for Attendance
April 27, 8:30am      Media Services Advisory/Users' Meeting

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