March 2016 Treasurer’s Update

The 5 Year Forecast - Initial Optional FY16 (P) Reporting is open until March 31st

The 5 Year Forecast – Initial Optional FY16 (P) Reporting Period is available until March 31st.  This collection request allows optional 5 Year Forecast submissions until March 31st 2016. Districts have the opportunity to update and re-submit their 5 Year Forecast information if necessary.  Even though this is a separate collection request, any updates to the 5 Year Forecast submitted through this collection request will be displayed on the 5 Year Forecast web page in place of the October FY16 Year Forecast Required submission.

The  OPTIONAL 5 Year Forecast Collection can be used to properly report changes to a district’s 5 Year Forecast due to a successful levy passage or other significant changes in a district’s financial future that were not known prior to the previous reporting deadline.

This submission of the 5 Year Forecast Collection Is OPTIONAL and only needs to be utilized IF there were significant financial forecast changes since the required reporting as of October 31st, 2015.

Please let us know if you need help in any way in submitting this OPTIONAL 5 Year Forecast,  should it be necessary for your district to submit a new 5 Year Forecast at this time.

SunGard K-12 eFinancePlus

eFinancePlus is a full-featured and affordable enterprise resource planning solution for Ohio K-12 schools offered by NEOnet via the MCOECN’s partnership with SunGard/FIS. The full suite includes accounting, finance, human resources, procurement, and other powerful tools to enable school district operations. To see a demo of the software please register for one of the two demos being offered at NEOnet on April 1st or April 8th with Lisa Nash, nash[at]neonet[dot]org. If you would like additional information about the eFinancePlus suite please visit

RAM Special Offer

LACA would like to extend a Special Offer to all districts that are interested in using RAM. They are willing to give you the remainder of FY16 for FREE, a savings of $250.00. NEOnet currently has 10 districts using RAM for Requisition workflows and as well as 4 of those districts utilizing the Miscellaneous Document workflow feature.   If your district would like a demo please contact Lisa Nash at ext 601121 to schedule.

W-2 and 1099 Project

All district W2s and 1099s were successfully generated, printed and delivered.  The process begins each December as districts close their quarters for the calendar year end.  All were also successfully submitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify that all social security numbers are valid and accurate and then filed with SSA, IRS, RITA and CCA.  If you need to issue a W-2C please contact Savannah Greenwood at ext 601118.  Invoices for W2s and 1099s will be sent out this week.

Meeting Reminders


April 1 – 9 a.m. -- USPS Roundtable

April 1 – 10 a.m. -- SunGard K-12 eFinancePlus Demo

April 8 – 9 a.m. -- USAS Roundtable  

April 8 – 10 a.m. -- SunGard K-12 eFinancePlus Demo

April 19 – 9 a.m. -- 3:00 PM – Open Lab

April 20 – 12 p.m. -- Treasurer’s Operating

Fiscal Update